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The Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Treatment Service

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One of the first things people notice about a property is its lawn’s health. While some lawns look patchy, undernourished, and shabby, others look lush and healthy. Most fall somewhere in between. Working with a reputable lawn treatment service is the best way to achieve lush, healthy grass. Here are some tips to keep your lawn healthy:


A professional lawn fertilization service offers several types of fertilizer. Most consist of three main chemicals: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some even contain herbicides. Granular fertilizers are more affordable and easier to spread than liquid fertilizers.

But be aware that granular fertilizers aren’t the best option for every lawn. Liquid fertilizers release the nutrients more quickly and are much more expensive than granular varieties.

A lawn treatment service should customize the fertilization and overseeding treatments for your lawn to meet its specific needs. While most soil will produce the necessary nutrients for grass, it won’t be enough for your lawn.

To combat the lack of energy, a lawn fertilizer treatment designed specifically for your soil type and time of year is necessary. Fertilization is the most effective way to ensure a lush, green lawn.

The cost of a lawn fertilizer treatment service varies, depending on where your customer lives and what type of lawn he or she has. Organic lawn fertilizer is usually more expensive, so make sure to ask about pricing before hiring a lawn treatment service.

However, lawn fertilization services should offer a full service package that includes mowing and maintenance, weeding, leaf clean up, and other essential lawn services.

Fertilization is the most common type of lawn treatment service and should include weed control. This is especially important because improperly applied fertilizer can burn grass.

And fertilizers should be applied at the right time. Soil pH levels are important, and improper application can lead to burnt plants and denitrification. So, hiring a lawn treatment service is a great way to avoid a lawn disaster.

The benefits of fertilization go beyond just making your lawn look great. Fertilization strengthens the root structure of the grass. It also promotes water retention and durability.

Fertilization also helps control weeds, since a thick lawn prevents weed seeds from reaching the soil. Weeds, which aren’t meant to grow in the shade, will die out if the nutrients they need are not available.


A lawn treatment service will use insecticides to control pests on your yard. These chemicals have different methods of control. Some of them attack insects through their nervous system, while others interfere with their oxygenation, coat the plants, or are ingested by insects.

If you are interested in organic treatment, you can also ask your lawn service provider for neem oil. Another popular natural insecticide is azadiractin, which is a plant hormone and has curative properties.

While it may be tempting to apply a lawn treatment service’s pesticides on your lawn at the beginning of spring, it’s important to be aware of the risks.

While many of these chemicals are effective, they’re harmful to the environment and to the health of your children and pets. Toxic chemicals, including insecticides, are often misconstrued as harmless by fungi, which are harmless to humans.

Most of these chemicals are part of a pesticide family known as neonicotinoids, which include Clothianidin, Imidacloprid, and Acetamiprid. These chemicals are highly toxic before they break down, and they can reach children’s bodies at levels ten times higher than those they would experience outside of the home.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that all of the participants tested had been exposed to pesticides, and the average person had at least 13 of them.

Insecticides can be dangerous for you, as they are toxic to humans and pets. Be sure to follow the directions on the label, and do not let children or pets get in contact with them.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re comfortable using pesticides on your lawn, you can hire a lawn treatment service that uses nontoxic products. This way, you’ll get the perfect lawn and prevent pests from destroying it.

A lawn treatment service can also use a variety of natural remedies that are safe to use on your lawn. For example, you can use an insecticidal soap or diatomaceous earth.

The main downside of these products is that they don’t work as effective as a broad-spectrum repellent. Insecticidal soap is effective on soft-bodied pests, but it has limited efficacy on hard-bodied pests. It’s recommended to use insecticides in combination with other treatments to keep pests at bay.


If you live in Central or Southern Maryland, a great lawn is an essential part of maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Not only does it increase your property value, but it also protects the surrounding ecosystem by preventing runoff, sediment, and contaminants from entering the waterways.

To create a stunning landscape, you should consider hiring a seeding lawn treatment service. This process should be done in conjunction with other processes to provide the best results.

Some services offered by a lawn treatment service include: Early and late spring treatments, which encourage color and weed control. Summer treatments, which are essential for establishing healthy grass, help provide micronutrients to the soil and protect against harmful grubs and insects.

Fall treatments enhance color and vigor, and boost soil PH levels to improve root development. Seeding lawn treatment service becomes an essential part of a well-maintained lawn.

Aeration and seeding are two services that you can hire to improve the look and health of your lawn. When combined, these services can introduce new grass species that are better able to withstand insect attacks, weed invasion, and disease problems. Seeding also helps your lawn stay young by increasing airflow and moisture in the soil, which allows grass plants to take root more easily.

You can also get a lawn treatment service that uses Pennington One Step Complete products, which combine premium seed with a slow-release fertilizer and wood mulch.

The most important factor for a successful seeding job is timing. It is best to seed in the fall because the new grass will be very tender, and will die under the heat of the summer.

However, some special conditions may require seeding in the spring. For example, if your lawn has extensive damage or is located in a shady spot, you may need to seed the area in the spring because it will get more light in the spring.

Seeding is a vital part of lawn care, particularly in cooler climates. For example, cool-climate zones should be seeded in late summer to early fall, while southern areas should wait until nighttime temperatures are lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seeding should take place 45 days before the first frost in the fall. In addition, the cooler air in the fall means less activity by weeds and insects.


A mowing lawn treatment service can do more than just mowing your lawn. Many services include pest control and weed control, annual leaf cleanup, and even tree trimming. Some businesses even offer organic treatments, which cost more than conventional ones.

Many homeowners also want to add curb appeal to their property. No matter how you approach lawn care, there are many benefits to hiring a professional to take care of your lawn. Here are some tips to make your lawn look great!


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