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Ideal Clothes to be Worn During Portrait Photography

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Just like lighting, perspective, angles play an important role in determining how well a picture is ultimately going to look like, clothes of the subject too plays a crucial role in determining that outcome. On that note, here are some tips on what kind of clothes should be worn to get the best results in portrait photography

Portrait Photography Tips: 

  1. Comfort zone is important, but not always

When a person is comfortable in what he is wearing, it is bound to reflect at their gestures and ease. They will be more natural and hence, it will be easier for you to click them and get some good shots. However, sometimes, a little discomfort will lead them to be slightly on the edge and that too is a beauty of some good photographs at times.

So try experimenting a little often with your subject’s clothes, giving them outfits that might not be their first choice if they were to choose it themselves and you can actually relish a wow shot!

  1. Dark and plain clothes

There’s a sort of beauty when your subject wears a top that is of darker shade, mostly because it helps in bringing the focus of the photograph to the person’s face. Additionally, (and most importantly for many out there) it also helps in making subjects look slimmer.

  1. Clothes add a definite dimension to one’s personality

Yes, one’s inner self and thoughts are what determines their perspective towards life, but it is undeniable and one’s outer appearance plays a vital role in helping people build notions and ideas about the subject. Hence, outfits put a person into context and thus, it is important for you to choose your subject’s outfit wisely since they are going to convey something about the subject to the viewers. 

  1. Go for long sleeves and pants

Yes, shorts make one look sexy, but when it comes to photographs, visibility of too much skin actually acts as a distraction and takes away the attention of the viewers from the prime element, i.e. the face. Hence, go for long sleeved tops and long pants, which can help bring maximum attention to your subject’s face.

  1. Collared shirts work well quite often

Now this one isn’t a rigid line and you can always go ahead with non-collared shirts. But there’s this thing about collared shirts/t-shirts that add a subtle element and poise to the photograph.

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