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6 Useful Tips for Beginners in Portrait Photography

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Portrait Photography

It can bring out beautifully the true essence of one’s countenance, the aura of one’s personality alongside a lot of other important elements if done right.

However, many aspiring photographers lose the encouragement to proceed with the art of portrait photography due to some early-stage disappointments.

For those disappointments to take a backseat here are some useful tips for beginners that shall help them pursue portrait photography—

Portrait Photography Tips:

  1. Eyes make the most iconic photographs

Some of the best portrait photographs happen to be those where the subject looks with a penetrating gaze directly at the camera.

It not just establishes a fine link between the subject and the viewer but also makes the picture more impactful.

On the other hand, if the model looks off the camera, with a rigid gaze in her eyes—that too sets a beautiful ground for portrait photography as it will urge the viewer to be inquisitive about what the subject is looking at off camera.

  1. Wide shot works wonders

Yes, the prime objective of the photo is to bring attention to the subject.

However, picturing your subject with some background elements can establish a great equation between the subject and the surrounding.

  1. Close up shots are your companions

Close up shots that take up the whole of your frame make some truly beautiful portrait photos.

A veil falling over a woman’s eyes or expressions in a face that denotes true human emotions are some naturally beautiful close-up portrait shots.

  1. Don’t forget the rule of thirds

It becomes extremely important in portrait photography that you pay attention to the rule of thirds and keeps in mind the golden points where you must keep the focus of your subject.

  1. Select the appropriate background

Your objective is to keep your viewers’ eyeballs set on your subject and thus, you must choose a background that goes well with your subject and wouldn’t draw too much attention from the viewers.

  1. Mix and match angles

Don’t go with the conventional eye-to-eye shots always. Portrait photography gives you ample room to explore and play with angles and thus, you should make the most of it by trying to click from angles that are either higher than your subject (for instance, a taller staircase) or lower than your subject (from the floor angles).


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