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Top 10 PTC Websites in India

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It is an undeniable fact that money matters in life. It not only matters, it’s the whole matter.

We always want some more money and we think of different sources to earn it.

How many of you know that you can utilise your spare time to earn money. If you are travelling two hours a day, you can use that time to make few dollars a day.

In this era, we all are very much attracted to our smartphones and other gadgets.

We remain online for several hours a day.

Do you know you can use this time to make money online?

There are various ways to make money online.

Paid- To-Click or PTC sites, are one of such ways through which you can make money online and it is very easy and also you can do it according to your schedule and the time that you can actually provide.

A large number of people in India are using these Paid to click websites to earn money by simply clicking some advertisements and reading details about them.

So are you interested now?

But before registering on any such PTC sites, you should remember few things. You must read the Terms and Conditions of websites before registering on them.

There are some websites that requires a computer or PC to work on them and they clearly mentioned that clicking using smartphones or tabs will not be counted as valid clicks.

While some of them also offers apps that are built for smartphones to access PTC advertisements.

Reading every details of the website and their T & C is very important in order to ensure that you get your money for the time and effort that you give.

So now we are going to list top 10 best paid to click (PTC )websites available in India that can help you to make online money.

So let’s begin.



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It is one of the topmost PTC website in the world which provides you the opportunity to make money online by clicking on PTC advertisements.

The minimum amount that you can obtain from the website as your first payment is US$2.

After each subsequent payout, the minimum payout amount increases by $1.

After completing initial phase, you can only get paid after having at least $10 in your account.

Neobux can be a very good option for you to make money online through PTC in India during your free time.



It is another big name in a list of websites that provide PTC advertisements to make online money.

This website provides you different advertisements based upon your age, gender and location.

A lot of people in India are earning as much as 15000 rupees monthly through this.

You can get your payout directly in your Paypal or Payoneer account. It implies that payment is made very quickly.



This website conducts various online surveys and also provide PTC advertisement that help you to make money online.

It is becoming very popular in India in the recent time. Many people in India are making around 10000 to 12000 money per month.

The amount of money that you earn depends on the time that you invest on this website and the number of tasks that you complete.

PrizeRebel provide few points for accomplishing each task and viewing PTC ads.

These points can be converted into US$ and payment can be obtained through PayPal in India.

The website gives $1 for 100 points earned.

It is s a great website to make money online in India.


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It is also a PTC advertisement industry which is gaining momentum in India in recent time.

You can discover new products and services through this website.

You can click and view advertisement. This websites gives you points that can be converted into cash or can be redeemed as shopping vouchers that can be used on Amazon.


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It is an American PTC site which pays comparatively highest than other PTC websites.

You can earn point by spending a little time everyday on the website.

You can make as much as $100 US every month by viewing advertisements.

It has a good base in India and a lot of Indians are making good amount of money online through InboxDollars.


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This PTC website is also gaining popularity in India.

ScarletClicks  pays for viewing ads and also hourly bonus.

The minimum payout that can be received is $2 and the payments are made using Paypal in India.



Through this PTC website, you can make a lot of online money by viewing PTC ads.

You can also make some extra money by sending feedback to the company regarding certain advertisements.

You can easily make around 16000 to 20000 INR monthly by spending a little bit of time there.


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It has recently entered in the world of PTC websites.

It also works through Android apps that can be downloaded and used to view ads for which you get paid

There are many famous brands that put their advertisements on GrabPoint and you can view and get paid for the efforts that you give while working on this website.

You can also earn more by writing reviews about advertisements. It is a good way to earn money online in India.



This website also pays you for viewing PTC ads.

You can also make more money by completing surveys and accomplishing some simple tasks.

You can receive your payout in your PayPal account in India.


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It is a reputed PTC websites through which you can make good amount of money.

You can receive your payment through PayPal.

It also gifts you gift coupons and extra points for referring others.


Final Words

This was the list of top 10 PTC website in India through which you can make online money in your free time. You must ensure that you are having Paypal or some other sources to receive your payment.


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