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Everything to Know About IGRSUP Stamp and Registration

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We all know, that we have been living in an era, which is surrounded by technology and we are literally blessed to be living in such a space. There are multiple tools and software which the government is getting its hand on, to help people get through services pretty easily.

Did you know that in the earlier times the process of property transfer of funds was very taxing it was all offline, however in the current times we should be blessed as it is all online.

IGRSUP Registration
Department of Uttarakhand is a major revenue-generating division of the national government, responsible for registering and safeguarding people’s property transactions. With the e-registration initiative, the Department is providing stakeholders with citizen-friendly, hassle-free, and transparent services.

The web-based application allows users to register property transactions via online Public Data Entry (PDE) under the Registration Act, 1908, and marriages in a more hassle-free manner under the Uttarakhand Compulsory Marriage Act, 2010.

You can enter data for their document registration and marriage application online. This ensured data accuracy while also saving time spent entering data at any Sub-office, Registrar’s speeding up the registration process.

The Department is in charge of registering several types of transactions, the most important of which are property transfers. The fundamental goal of registration law is to offer solid confirmation of document authenticity, provide transaction publicity, and prevent fraud.

Notice to the public by way of specific recorded information to the world enables the public to verify the records and inquire there from the right, title, and liabilities if any on any immovable property is known as registration of a document.

Furthermore, the Department serves as a “Royal record keeper,” keeping historical records and giving copies of such records to prove authenticity in court.

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched IGRSUP (Integrated grievance redressal system, UP). It is a knowledge site run by the UP government’s stamp and registration department that provides property registration and ownership information for any property in any area of the state.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the mobile app Jansunwai(IGRS) to register citizen grievances, complaints, and suggestions, while Jansunwai Complaint Filling can be recorded through the internet. For filing and tracking grievances via phones, a secure and user-friendly interface has been granted.

A unique reference number will be assigned to each Complaint. This reference number can be used to track the status of grievances, provide reminders, and provide comments when they have been resolved.

The GROUP offers a variety of services. Online Registration of Real Estate

The Uttar Pradesh government’s Stamp and Registration department are significant. Registration department keeps track of registered documents and makes them available to the public.

The Indian Stamp Act of 1899 and the Registration Act of 1908 govern the Stamp and Registration Department (group gov in). The Department handles the registration of documents following the terms of the Registration Act. Following the registry of papers, copies of documents kept for evidence or other purposes are made available to the general public and the court.

The IGRS UP organization offers a variety of services. They are some of them.

  1. To be aware of your SRO.
  2. Registration of the business.
  3. Property service is prohibited.
  4. Property registration.
  5. Obtaining a Certified Copy
  6. Search for Encumbrances (EC).
  7. e – Postage stamps
  8. Service for Department Users
  9. Stamp vendors, franking services, and notaries are all on the list.
  10. Search for market value.
  11. Registration of a society.
  12. Information about the Chit Fund
  13. Marriage Registration.
  14. Sale deed, banana, dastavej, Uttar Pradesh Property Registration Online

The GROUP offers several advantages

  • IGRS ON Line is a service that allows citizens of the state to register their real estate.
  • IGRS UP provides marriage registration services to state residents.
  • State citizens receive a free certificate with 12 blanks and a certified copy of their deeds.
  • People in the state can use this portal to look up the market value of the land property.

It may be possible to search the SRO (sub-registration office).

  • You can learn about notaries, stamp vendors, and franking services, and Stamp and Property Registration, Circle Rate in Uttar Pradesh using the IGRS UP Property Registration & Ownership Details.
  • It can also allow users to give their feedback and grievances about any aspect of the registration process.
  • Look up Uttar Pradesh land records.
  • Use IGRS UP to find out more about a property.

Who is eligible for the IGRSUP program?

  1. The Applicant requirement is a resident of the state on a long-time basis.
  2. For the sale plus purchase of the property.
  3. Both the husband including wife must possess their Aadhaar cards to register their marriage.

What documents are necessary to register a property in the state of Uttar Pradesh?

Documents for registering a property with the IGRSUP

  1. The Applicant must have a valid residence permit.
  2. Witnesses must present their identification cards.
  3. The Applicant must have an electronic copy of the application form.
  4. The Applicant must be able to work with ground paper.
  5. A passport-sized photograph of the Applicant is required.
  6. The Applicant must provide their phone number.


What documents are necessary to register a marriage in the state of Uttar Pradesh?

GROUP marriage registration documents

  1. The Applicant must have an application for marriage registration.

The Applicant must submit 2. Affidavit in the approved format.

  1. Both the groom and the bride must show evidence of age.
  2. The Applicant must provide proof of address, such as a ration card, voter ID, driver’s license, or passport.
  3. Photographs of the couple are required.
  4. The Applicant must have a wedding invitation.
  5. Photographs of applicant witnesses are required.


How can I request a stamp withdrawal?

Step 1: Go to the UP Stamp & Registration Department’s official website,

Step 2: On the home page, click the “Stamp withdrawal/ Stamp Return” link.

Step 3: On the screen, a new page titled “Stamp Withdrawal Application Portal” appears.

Step 4: Carefully read the instructions.

Step 5: Next, click on the “Register” link or “Previously Register” if you have already registered.

Step 6: Fill out the stampRefundSignUp form, including the district, phone number, password, password confirmation, and captcha code.

Step 7: Select “Proceed” from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: Click the “Previously registered” tab if you have already registered for the stamped return.

Step 9: Press the “login” button after entering the application number, password, and captcha code.


What is the procedure for obtaining a certificate of the registered instrument?

Step 1: Go to the official website of the user’s portal.

Step 2: On the home page, click the link “Application of registration document certificate.”

Step 3: On the screen, a new page called registredDocCertificateService appears.

Step 4: Choose a district, a sub-registration office, a property type, a registration year, a registration number, and a registration. To enter the Applicant’s name, captcha code, and other information.

Step 5: To apply for the RegistredDocCertificate, fill in the Applicant’s name and the captcha code, then click the “submit” button.


How do I register my marriage with the IGRSUP online?

To apply for an IGRSUP marriage registration online, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to the IGRSUP’s home page.

Step 2: Select “apply under marriage registration” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: On the new page, you must enter the groom’s Aadhaar number.

Step 4: Finally, you must enter the bride’s mobile phone number.

Step 5: A new page will open on the screen, and you must fill in all of the groom’s personal information.

Step 6: Now, you must upload the groom’s photo and all of his paperwork, then click the “save” button.

Step 7: After that, the Applicant fills out the bride’s information, uploads the necessary documents, and clicks the “save” button.

Step 8: Now, you must fill out the marital information and click the “save” button.

Step 9: After that, you must fill out the witness information and upload a photograph.

Step ten: Press the “submit” button.

Step 11: You must now pay a marriage registration fee.

Step 12: The appropriate official will then issue the marriage certificate.


How can I get a copy of my marriage certificate from IGRS UP?

In terms, if you are looking forward to getting a copy of the marriage certificate then it is not very difficult. The government has made the process super easy and hassle-free.

All you have to do is to follow these below-mentioned steps, and that is about it, you will be good to go. The government has now made it super easy to actually get a copy of the marriage certificate from the IGRS UP.

  1. Go to the home page of the IGRSUP.
  2. You must now “login” using your application number and password.
  3. After that, enter the captcha code and then select the “sign-in” option.
  4. Now, you must obtain a copy of the marriage certificate.

In IGRS UP, how do you find out what your SRO is?

Applicants can obtain their SRO by visiting the official website of the Uttar Pradesh government’s registration and stamp department. The steps of determining your SRO are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the official IGRS UP website.

Step 2: Go to the home page and click on the “know your SRO” option.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, choose your district, Mandal, and village.

Step 4: Select the “know your jurisdiction SRO” option and then click the “submit” button.

Step 5: Your SRO information will then appear on your screen.


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