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India an ideal talent pool for global recruiters

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At times one wonders whether the renowned Urdu poet Sir Muhammad Iqbal had a premonition about the future while composing his famed patriotic song.

This notion is in the context of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asking Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, the first ever Indian astronaut as to what looks the best and most beautiful from up above in the sky. And Sharma instantly quoted the opening words of Iqbal’s poem to say: Sāre jahāṉ se acchā, Hindositāṉ Hamārā (Among all, our India is the best…!).

Indeed, these words are true when one notices the constant rise in the outsourcing recruiting services to India by intending employers from across the world, particularly from advanced countries like Australia, the USA and Canada.

The reasons for such developments are evident since India is regarded as the right spot for both white and blue collared work force to take up challenging assignments.

However, it is a tough proposition for the employers to tap the right talent as such they rely on the services of a home based recruitment consultant to advise them.

Banking on the aspects of ‘Ástute-Nurturing-Sincere’ as its committed objective, an Indian company with a global outreach has a rich data bank of bright and prospective job aspirants among Indians.

Armed with this, it has been extending recruitment support to top rated corporates, industries, trading establishments and even research institutions across the world.

Interestingly, all these services are being offered at a fraction of the cost of one sitting amid a bundle of talented experience to enrich the deal. To enable this, it has designed a strategic formula whereby the partners avail optimum benefits of bagging the best possible brains as compared to others in the arena of job placements.

This company has arrived at this viable concept based on the fact that sourcing is a highly essential step in the recruitment lifecycle. It has proved that an ideal sourcing process with a professional touch can save numerous hassles including assorted apprehensions.

Thus it selects the perfect candidate possessing the due credentials in terms of academic qualifications and expertise too.

The credit for evolving such a successful approach has been attributed to its well-defined data bank from where the cream of aspirants endowed with flair to excel are spotted and chosen after thoroughly ascertaining every candidate’s aptitude.

Ace analysts in this company have mastered the art of classifying each individual’s in-built traits including the hidden plus-points. Thus the selection panel chooses a befitting round peg in a round hole to ensure the recruiter is not back to a square one! And above all, ample time and money are saved since the exercise is done under a single roof.

Managed by veteran consultants in the discipline of human resources, this company has proved its mettle in closing the gap between the expectations and deliverables that the employers around the world have to encounter. With these assets, it has reiterated the essence of Iqbal’s poem in this millennium too by catering to the global needs on a note of utmost satisfaction.

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