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Benefits of Having Plants in Your Office

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By incorporating plant life into the design of your space, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the many physical and psychological benefits of office plants. Indoor plants at work increase productivity and performance, improve job satisfaction, reduce stress and reduce time taken in the form of sick leave.

The benefits of indoor plants are well documented and proven in numerous scientific studies. Making a small investment in some plants for desk can have a huge impact on your well-being and even the success of your business. Wondering how exactly one houseplant can change your life so much? Let’s give it a read!

Reduces Stress

Offices aren’t usually considered the quietest places—introducing plants can be a great way to create calmness for your team, while also helping to improve their concentration.

Stress can have a significant impact on employee health and lead to frequent absenteeism. This is why many modern businesses are actively looking to reduce psychological pressure wherever they can. Studies show that many people find greenery relaxing for a variety of reasons. Herbs may also help: Lavender is believed to reduce anxiety and stress, while rosemary may help improve memory.


Plants not only bring distinctly rich shades of green to the workplace, they also provide a visually-attentioned experience, which ultimately leads to more productive and happier and healthier employees.

Providing plants for the office gives both clients and coworkers alike an enhanced perception of your space. An office filled with vibrant greenery will also give a positive brand image to the visitors.

Purify the Air

Living in an energy-efficient building can have unintended side effects. One of the side effects of working indoors is indoor air pollution, which can lead to health problems such as asthma or sick building syndrome.

NASA found that plants absorb harmful toxins from the air, especially in places with low airflow. This proves they are the perfect air purifier: natural, cost effective and therapeutic!

Improves Mental well-being

For better health and mental health try to surround yourself with 120 minutes a week in nature. Try to have as many plants around you or in your office space. Encouraging employees to leave the building during work breaks or holding outside walk-in meetings are ways to promote employee-nature interaction.

Helps Absorb Noise

With open-concept workplaces dominating the workforce and the undeniable distractions that workers face when it’s so noisy, having plants in the office can help absorb some of the background office chatter. This is entirely true if the office has hard surfaces, such as exposed concrete walls or floors, so there are no other options for absorbing noise.

Plant care promotes self-care

There are many medicinal benefits associated with working with plants. Having something to take care of, including plants and/or flowers, has been shown to promote feelings of positivity.


Plants can boost creativity

Whether you’re out of ideas or stuck on one for a long time, office plants can provide inspiration. Bright colors, intricate leaf patterns, and attractive leaf shapes have a positive impact on creativity. It’s widely believed that stimulating our senses can open up the flow of thoughts and taking the time to really smell the flowers can help lift you out of your slump.

Indoor plants such as calathea, palms, ivy, succulents, and other similar plants are great for creativity.

Plants bring health, prosperity and luck. In Vastu Shastra, the money plant gift is said to bring prosperity and wealth to the people. It should be kept in the north or east direction of the office or office desk. If the plant is placed in the north-east direction of the balcony, then the plant is considered very lucky.


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