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5 Vastu Rules to Follow While Displaying Ganesha Paintings at Your Home

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Art improves both the quality of our lives and the places we dwell. It adds warmth and texture to our surroundings. We are able to explore and learn new ideas through the medium of art. We can take a break from our busy schedules, and relax just by looking at a beautiful piece of art. One of the finest ways to raise your level of living is to include a painting like a Ganesha painting purchased online at your home.

The scale of an artwork is also very crucial to take into account because a piece that is too small or large may not fit in the space. Now, if you are a novice purchasing paintings for your home and you have no idea what kind of paintings to pick, you can start with Ganesha paintings.

Ganesha paintings available online are preferred by the majority of Hindu households to decorate one or more of their walls in the twenty-first century as they considered holy art auspicious for their homes.

It is crucial to comprehend the function that a painting plays, no matter where it is displayed, whether at your living room or your office at work because it has the power to make or break a space. Many designers utilize art to accomplish a range of goals, including telling a story, bringing life to a place, or establishing a focal point.

Significance of Ganesha paintings

Ganesha paintings available online are the most prevalent of all the religious depictions of God that can be found in Indian art galleries. This is due to the fact that Lord Ganesha’s portrayal has long been regarded as versatile and inventive by artists and art fans. Any internet art gallery can be viewed at random to see how Ganesha is easily portrayed in both traditional and modern art. In your chosen design location, Ganpati is renowned for blending both legendary and aesthetic elements.

We frequently forget the importance of placing Ganesha paintings in the right spot at home, despite the fact that he is renowned as the God of joy, prosperity, and success. We always worship the Ganpati painting before starting a new project in our lives since it is thought of as the guardian. If you are one of those who doesn’t know where to place Ganesha paintings bought online, you need to go through these vastu tips to follow while displaying Ganesha paintings.

Vastu rules to consider while displaying Ganesha paintings

Rule 1: The colour of the Ganesha paintings has a lot of significance

Those who want to live happy, peaceful, and prosperous lives can think about putting an idol of a white Ganesha in their homes as paintings. Including pictures of the white Ganesha would be useful. This suggests that anyone seeking personal growth should bring home a vermilion Ganesha. Purchase a vermillion-coloured Ganesha painting online for your home if you want to grow personally. A white Ganesha is a potent attractor of wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Never forget that the deity’s back should be towards the outside of the structure. This is viewed as fortunate in the Vastu system.

Rule 2: The posture of the Ganesha painting is symbolic

The lalitasana pose, also known as the sitting position in which Ganesha is depicted, is regarded to be the most suitable for indoor devotion.

Vaastu experts claim that the sitting Ganesha paintings bought online represent a calm, collected attitude and help to create a peaceful environment in the home. If that’s what you want in life, get a Ganpati who is lying down. Usually, aesthetic considerations are the driving force behind placing Ganpati images in other guises, including the dancing form.

Also, some representations of Ganapathi are difficult to find, such as those in which the deity’s trunk is straight or high in the air. It’s very common to see pictures of Lord Ganesh holding a modak.

Rule 3: Notice the direction of the trunk of Ganesha’s painting

In accordance with Vastu, the sitting Ganesha’s trunk in the painting should preferably be angled to the left. This represents success and pleasure.

Hence, pay close attention to the trunk when you’re searching for your attractive paintings to get home. Since it symbolises the strength of the sun and requires ritualistic worship, a painting with a trunk of Ganesha tipped to the right is challenging to appease.

Rule 4: Place the painting facing the right direction

According to vaastu specialists, Ganesha paintings purchased online should be placed facing west, north, or northeast. Since Lord Shiva lives in the north and it is thought to be highly auspicious, try to position the Ganesha painting also facing that direction.

Moreover, make sure the back of the Ganesha portrait faces the house’s main entrance or exit. Avoid placing the painting in the south because it is not a good location.

While acquiring a Ganpati painting for your home, be careful to ask if a modak and mouse are included. This is due to the fact that the mouse is thought of as his favoured mode of transportation and the modak as his favourite treat.

Rule 5: How many Ganesha paintings ought you to possess?

Despite their beauty, Ganesha paintings available online should only be kept in the house. Although you are allowed to keep more than one Lord Ganesha painting at home, it is preferable to just have one. Having two or more Ganesha paintings will undoubtedly have no negative effects on the positive energy in the home.

Even if it depends on personal opinion, having just one Ganesha painting is always preferred, according to Vastu. According to legend, possessing two or more paintings agitates Ridhi Sidhi and just negates their energy.

Why purchase Ganesha artwork online?

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