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How to redeem Standard Chartered Bank credit card reward points to cash

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In certain aspects, credit cards have made life simpler. When there is a need to go shopping or dining, there is no longer a need to stash cash in the purse.

In reality, through cashless transactions, flight bookings, purchasing consumer durables, electronic products can be done.

Standard Chartered Bank credit cards are one of the best credit cards available on the market thanks to the rewards and benefits offered. The Standard Chartered Bank credit card loyalty program is known as the 360 ° Rewards Program.

Features and benefits of Standard Chartered credit card reward points

  • Standard Chartered Bank issues a credit card based on eligibility requirements, one of which is a healthy credit score.
  • Under the 3600-degree incentive program, the Standard Chartered Bank credit card has a Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points. Some of the main features of this unique incentive program for 360 degrees are—
  • Earn as you swipe-According to Standard Chartered bank reward points listed in the Standard Chartered rewards catalogue, points are awarded any use of credit cards.
  • A broad range of options-Standard Chartered Bank has an exclusive and wide range of partners under each group, such as travel, fine dining, hotel stay, shopping, etc.
  • E-tailing-Standard Chartered bank credit cards allow e-tailing, enabling transactions to be digitized. They’re hassle-free, quick, straightforward, and fast.

Quick redemption-The redemption process of the Regular Chartered reward points is straightforward and easy. The possibility of partial redemption of points also exists. Through filling out the Standard Chartered Bank reward point’s redemption forms, the bank provides redemption, or the online option for redemption may be used.

Flexi-redemption-Flexi-redemption allows the redemption of partial reward points, while the remainder is compensated through other means.

How will Reward Points be redeemed?

Customers can quickly redeem reward points received through the 360 ° Rewards Program on their Standard Chartered credit cards. There are two ways that clients can redeem accrued incentive points.

  • Online
  • Banking on the Internet

Any measures for redeeming Standard Chartered credit card reward points are below:

Step 1: Log in to online banking for your Standard Chartered

Step 2: Pick the ‘Online Rewards’ option

Step 3: The points earned from your Standard Chartered credit card are displayed

Step 4: Pick the category you want to buy from

The Mobile Banking Market:

Step 1: Log into SC Mobile

Stage 2: From the menu, select “Credit Card Rewards.”

Stage 3: The incentives earned from your credit card can be seen.

Step4: To redeem your reward points, follow the steps


Banking by Phone

To redeem the accrued reward points, one can use phone banking. In this situation, customers will have to call the phone banking executive to check the cardholder’s identity.

Once all the card details are checked, consumers can ask the call center individual to redeem the reward point for their product choice. You can use this service to reclaim air miles as well. Customer service can be reached here.

It will take ten working days for both redemption processes to send the package to the cardholder’s billing address. The given gift voucher is non-refundable.

How to Measure Reward Points

Payers of Standard Chartered Credit Cards are rewarded based on the credit card purchases they make. Not only do the cards reward users differently, but users receive accelerated points in specific categories.

How to Review Points of Reward

Users can verify their reward points using any of the following ways:

  • The monthly card statement displays both the accrued reward points and the cashback deals.
  • Net banking can be verified after logging into the website of the bank.
  • Customers may also use the mobile banking application to verify their reward points.

Cash back is available on two Regular Chartered Credit Cards. The credit cards are Super Value Titanium and Manhattan Platinum. The cashback balance will be used on the credit card to cover the outstanding amount.

There are different categories in which it is possible to redeem the Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points. As listed below, some of the main categories are-


Using Standard Chartered bank credit cards, flight tickets can be booked; there is a particular credit card that caters to daily travellers. Many advantages can be made available, including zero cancellation fees for booked flight tickets through Particular credit cards issued by Standard Chartered Bank are eligible for travel.

Shopping-Clothing / Accessories

This is where cardholders usually use most credit cards. There are also exclusive deals that are applied to different card types.


A cardholder may use the credit card for smartphone recharge, DTH recharge, fuel spending in the other categories. Based on the usage cap and form of credit card carried, cashback deals might be applied from time to time.

Household products may also help earn reward points by purchasing from departmental chains, household outlets, or online grocery sale portals. For later transactions from the same portal, the same reward points can be used.

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