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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in India

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Top 10 Dog Breeds

It is like a trend in India to keep dogs as a pet in recent times. You will find many dogs breeds today in Indian markets. A dog is the most faithful and trustworthy friend of man. In other words, it can understand your feelings more than you.

Further, you can trust a dog completely when you are away from your home for a few days on trips. It will safeguard your homes from thieves. If you want to buy a dog as your pet, you can choose the following types of dogs.

Top Dog Breeds in India

  1. Great Dane

Great Dane
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This is one of the largest dogs belonging to Germany. It has a strong physique with long legs and powerful muscles. Besides that, the dog has short hair on the body.

The average weight of male Great Dane is 54 kg while that of females is 45 kg. It has ears of triangular shapes. Great Dane dog loves his owner a lot and generally has a loving and friendly nature.

  1. Boxer

Boxer Dog
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The next on the list is Boxer dog. It is one of the most popular breeds of dogs you will find in India. It has a large body with a short tail and long legs. Further, the dogs have fawn or white colors.

Additionally, the dogs have sharp teeth and jaws to tear apart any small animal for food. They usually have the nose with folds on both sides.

  1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd
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The German shepherd is the dog you will find in many Indian homes. It is the most intelligent dog of all with good smell sense.

This dog does many tasks such as military tasks, helping the disabled people and search the evidence. You will find German Shepherd in many police stations and investigation bureaus. They help in finding the criminals and thieves as well.

  1. Bulldog

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This weirdly faced dog is common in many Indian homes. It has a body of medium size and large head. Besides that, the skin of Bulldogs is very thick with large eyes.

Further, the sharp teeth penetrate through any object easily. The tail of Bulldog is either short or thin and straight.

  1. Labrador

Labrador Dog
Image Source:

Labrador is one of the favorite dogs’ breeds in India. It has a gentle nature and can mix well with family members of owners. Besides that, these dogs can grasp different things quickly.

They love to play sports in the open ground with children and adults. These dogs have colors such as yellow, brown and black.

  1. Pug

Pug Dog
Image Source:

Pug is a beautiful and small dog with a round tail. You will get to see this sweet dog in many states of India. This dog has wrinkles on its face.

The coat of Pug is shiny and soft. It is basically from China.  These dogs are social animals and love to play with family members of the owners and their kids.

  1. Dachshund

Image Source:

This is a very ugly looking dog with short legs. It has a long body with a soft coat. Further, people keep this dog for several tasks such as finding wounded deer and hunting.

They are stubborn yet loving and can attack small birds and animals. Besides that, they can also play tennis balls and other sports in the large playground or in the garden.

  1. Doberman

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Doberman looks scary and you can keep this dog as your pet to stop intruders. It is known for its great smell sense and sharp eyesight. Many security agencies in India mainly use Doberman for security purposes.

This dog has long legs with triangular ears. It has marks on the chest and legs. Dobermans are intelligent and sharp animals.

  1. Beagle

Image Source:

The next on the list is Beagle. It is a breed of a dog that has a small body with short legs and a long tail. It has a powerful smell sense and people generally use it for the purpose of hunting.

Further, this dog has good temper and intelligence. You can train this dog quickly within a few weeks. It generally weighs 11 to 12 kg.

  1. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is the Italian breed of dog you will find in many homes of India. It has a huge body with soft fur and medium legs. These dogs can weigh from 65 to 120 kg.

Further, it has a very long hanging tail. These dogs have generally brown patches on their body. They love to play with kids as well as adults.


Dogs will fill your homes with happiness and joy. They take care of your family members and house. Apart from that, these dogs’ breeds have a gentle nature and do no harm to anyone especially kids.

These breeds of dogs are becoming more popular in India in the current times. So now, you can enjoy family picnics and trips by keeping these dogs as guards in your homes.

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