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APNA Common Services Centres: Registration, Benefits, Features

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Apna CSC | Apna CSC Registration | Apna CSC Benefits | Apna CSC Features | Apna CSC Objective

Apna CSC Overview

Common Service Centre is part of the Indian Government’s National E-Governance Plan Scheme. Apna CSC, operated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, was authorized in 2006.

The Common Service Centre scheme operates throughout the country’s numerous districts.

Popular Centre of Service (CSC):

One of the Government of India’s services under the Digital India Program is the General Service Centre Scheme. It is a comprehensive network that caters to PAN India.

CSCs are Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service delivery points for providing various public and private services to rural Indian people.

There are currently a total of 255798 active CSC IDs and 687 districts around the country with CSCs. The CSC network’s government services include education services, agriculture, health, FMCG goods, entertainment for utility payments, banking, financial services, etc.

Apna CSC objective

With different aims, the General Service Centre Scheme was launched. By combining the two objectives of profit-making and social service, the CSC’s key objective is to achieve rapid social and economic change in rural India. Check the official CSC goals below—

  • To provide all remote and rural people of India with access to knowledge.
  • To give Indian citizens (mainly rural people) access to quality education and skills development.
  • Providing efficient public service delivery, predominantly G2C (Government to Citizen) & B2C (Business to Citizen).
  • To provide residents with cost-efficient & quality healthcare services.
  • Promoting rural empowerment, concerted action for social empowerment, and encouraging community engagement.

CSC Structure

The 3-tier framework will be the basis of the PPP model.

  1. It will be the State Designed Authority’s responsibility to administer and enforce the CSC services throughout the state.
  2. Under the direction of the CSC owner, the Service Center Agency (SCA) will set up the CSC and decide on locations for the Common Service Centre. This will play a role in supporting the CSC in rural areas through various state or local advertising campaigns. For the 500-1000 CSCs employed under him, the SCA is accountable.
  3. The CSC Operator is the Village Level Entrepreneur. 6 There will be villages falling under him.

What is the method for starting a famous service center?

You need to aware of the online process to create a Common Service Centre. (Mentioned hereunder).

Application Process for CSC setup:

  • Visit the CSC Site at
  • A tab named “Interested in becoming a CSC” is on the left side of the screen. Only press it.
  • Next, click on the link “Click Here” for your CSC Registration.
  • Your Aadhar Card number needs to be entered.
  • You will be asked to select any authentication options (IRIS/ Finger Print/ One Time Password) once you enter the number.
  • Click “Proceed” now to go to the next level.
  • They will ask you to enter the password or OTP created at one time. Oh, do that.
  • Pick the Geo-tagged Centre Picture from where you would like to apply for CSC.
  • Click Choice to Apply.
  • You will obtain an acceptance number on your registered mobile number once you submit the request.

What are the programs that CSC provides?

To improve residents, CSC provides various utility payments and health check programs. It is aimed at making life easy and hassle-free.

What is the Registration Fee for CSC?

If a person wants to register as a VLE, they do not have to pay any registration fees or any other fees. It is free to register for VLE.

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