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5 quick tips to follow while combing your hair

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Hair fall problem is widely common among women. Factors like pollution, water, diet, and mental health are pivotal elements that determine one’s hair health; but there’s another point that is crucial when it comes to your everyday hair health. It is the way you comb your hair.

While many may think what difference does it make as you simply need to brush through your hair with the hairbrush or comb, it is quintessential that you do it the right way to ensure you don’t end up damaging your hair further, accentuating your hair fall. On that note here are some quick tips on how you should be combing your hair—

Tips to follow while combing your hair

  1. Avoid combing through wet strands of hair

Hair is in its most fragile state when wet. Hence, avoid combing wet hair. Make sure that you pat dry your hair properly with a towel and then apply some serum, gently massaging your hair to shoo away those unwanted tangles. When you are sure that your hair is tangle-free, gently use a comb to brush the strands.

  1. Avoid combing from top to bottom, rather opt for bottom to top

When you start combing your hair from the top, the tangles lead to knots that keep getting accumulated and ends at the bottom of your hair length. When you reach the bottom, these knots lead to more hair fall. Thus, try to start combing the hair from the extreme bottom and slowly go towards the top.

  1. Try using combs with broad teeth

Regardless of your hair type, it’s wise to opt for a comb that has broader teeth as that helps in reducing hair breakage and hair fall. You can always use a pointed teeth comb for drawing partition in your hair, but for combing, broad combs are the right choice.

  1. Don’t comb more than thrice

Too much of anything is never good. While it is absolutely mandatory to comb your hair daily, to ensure proper hair health and also improve the blood circulation in your scalp, it is also notable that one mustn’t comb their hair more than necessary. Two to three times a day is perfectly all right.

  1. Clean the combs regularly

Make it a point to regularly clean the combs you use after brushing your hair in order to prevent the dirt and other kinds of bacteria from getting back to your hair when you reuse them.

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