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Who Was Statistically the Best Sports Team of 2021?

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There is only one objective that sports teams everywhere have in common. This objective is a fairly simple one and can be condensed into 3 little words. Be the best. That is the shared goal of sports teams worldwide as they work together to beat other teams and claim the top spot rank.

Of course, being the best is not as simple as that in the world of sport, is it? This article is going to look into what is meant by the best and who some of the best teams were in light of this.

What is Meant by “The Best”?

When we think of the best sports team, a lot of the time, and rightly so, our minds go towards the team that won the league that season.

Although, when you consider sport as a business and think about the teams statistically, them being the best may no longer be the case. Instead of just the results of games, you should consider the likes of how valuable the team is and how much they overcame odds to finish in the place they did.

It is easy to do this by considering the value of teams and looking at their odds on popular betting sites such as When you do this, you get the below list that details some of the best sports teams in 2021.

The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were originally purchased in 1989 for $150 million. Seems like a large sum, doesn’t it? Well, it’s nothing compared to what the team is worth today.

Overcoming a lot of tough odds in the process, the team has seen a five-year change in the value of 45% and as a result, their current value is $5.7 billion.

Not to mention in 2021, they had a very impressive season. They may not have won the Superbowl, but they still impressed fans and spectators alike.

Chelsea FC

Although being a controversial soccer club right now due to their links to Russia, it’s impossible to ignore that Chelsea was the best team of 2021.

Under new manager Thomas Tuchel, who joined in January 2021, they had the best form of any team in the top European leagues, which dragged them to a 4th place league finish and, crucially, the Champions League.

They also won the Club World Cup this year, proving that their good results are continuing. They’re also a juggernaut in terms of wealth. However, that’s now looking threatened due to the sanctions longtime owner Roman Abramovich has received from the UK government.

Golden State Warriors

This basketball team’s success is very much similar to the Dallas Cowboys, although their growth has happened at a much quicker rate. The team was originally purchased in 2010 for $450 million and now, thanks to their success, boast a value of $4.7billion. Very impressive.


When we think of the best sports teams, our minds will often quickly go to results, but there is more to it. The above is a helpful list of some of the most successful sports teams in 2021 when you consider their value and the odds they have overcome, as well as results.

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