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What are the causes of Child obesity?

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Nowadays, obesity in adolescents and children has become a serious issue, especially in India. Based on the statistics, it is noted that 25% of children are suffering from these diseases in India.

In fact, the hospital costs associated with obesity in children were escalating.

Child obesity can lead to many physical and mental complications. Emotional or mental problems include altered body image, poor self-esteem, and depression.

Let us more examine the possible causes of increasing obesity in children and how it can be overcome:

About Child Obesity

Cause of Child Obesity

There are several factors that contribute to the obesity problem among children. Body weights are determined by a combination of these factors.

  • Bad eating habits and lack of exercise are noted as primary causes of increasing obesity among children.
  • Genetic Factors: The risk of becoming obese is greatest among children who have obese parents and this is called genetic factors. This is due to the parental or genetic factors modeling of both exercise and eating behaviors.
  • Environmental Factors: Environmental factors play a major role in child obesity. Poor eating habits, especially the consumption of high calories products, fast food, snacks can cause obesity problems in children.
  • Psychological Factors: These factors influence a child’s eating habits and many people eat in response to negative emotions such as sadness, anger or boredom.
  • Spending a lot of time on sedentary pursuits: It has been noted in research that Indian children watch, on average, around 2½ hours of television a day, as well as spending time using electronic games and computers. It seems that these pastimes are replacing active ones like running games-football, basketball, cricket, and many others.

How to overcome this obesity problem:

  • By giving a healthy and balanced diet to the children.
  • Avoid giving all the junk and high-calorie food to the children.
  • Physical exercise and activity is the best way to treat and prevent obesity in children.
  • Parent education should focus on the promotion of breastfeeding, selection of low-fat snacks, recognition of signals of satiety, monitoring of television viewing and good exercise habits.

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