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10 different types of Yoga: Which can help you to stay fit and strong?

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Yoga refers to a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditations, etc that have been practices to benefit various parts of our body.

There are several types of yoga practice, so it’s important to find out which type of yoga is best for you and your health.

Here is a brief and quick introduction to some of the most popular and common types of yoga

10 different types of Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

It is a spiritual type of yoga and can be practiced by people of all ages. These yoga practices assist you to meet the challenges presented by the hectic schedule of daily life. Under this practice, a typical class will also include meditation, chanting and breathing exercises, etc.

Bikram Yoga

It is the method of yoga that workout for all the components of fitness such as muscular endurance, muscular strength, weight loss, and cardiovascular flexibility.

Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga

This style of improving a person’s blood circulation, stamina, flexibility, calm bind and light, and strong body. This is an athletic yoga practice and it is not for beginners.

Integral Yoga

This is a traditional type of yoga which includes postures, selfless service, breathing exercises, prayer, meditation, self-inquiry and chanting practices, etc.

Anusara Yoga

It is a relatively new form of yoga (1997), which pairs strict principles of alignment with a playful strength and spirit. Its postures are highly challenging, but the real message of Anusara Yoga is to open your heart and strive to connect with the divine in yourself and others.


It is an easy form of yoga and has become very popular in the US. It incorporates the entire Pranayam and postures that can be used to achieve self-realization or enlightenment etc.

Svaroopa Yoga

This is a very approachable style of yoga. It begins with the chair poses that are very easy and comfortable and assist you to release the tensions in the deepest layers of your body.


This is the most commonly used as a therapeutic practice for the people who have suffered injuries or are in recovering from surgery.


This practice mainly focuses on coordination of breath and movement and it is a very physically active form of yoga.

White Lotus Yoga

It is a modified Ashtanga practice developed by Ganga White which is combined with meditation and breathwork etc.



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