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20-min Simple Exercise for Six Pack Abs

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If you maintain a very busy lifestyle, then it is nearly impossible to heat the gym every day. But there is way out for this. Yes! You heard it right. If you want to have six-pack abs but unable to do because of lack of time then you can try several six pack abs workout at home.

You need to take out only a few minutes from your busy routine. Workout at home does not require a pull always.

There are various best to best abs workout that you can do anywhere at your home.

No matter how busy your day was you can do a rapid abs workout and you will get your results within no time.

Are you ready to add some rapid and simple daily abs workout to your routine? Have a look at some of the easy yet demanding abs workout that you can do without the need of leaving your house.

If developing six-packs is your ultimate goal then it is vital to pick the correct workout.

Top 4 Best Exercise for Six-Packs

  1. Abdominal Hold

    This workout may seem wonky but is of immense benefit. It is easy to do and gives a positive outcome is a short period of time. Sit tall on the edge of a strong chair and your finger should point towards your knees. Now make your abs tight and live your toes 2-4 inches from the floor. Lift your butt also from the chair. Hold on this pose for about 5-10 seconds at first then you can increase. Then again lower down and repeat. Continue the cycle for about 1 minute. This is the best lower abs workout.
  2. Arm opposite with raised legs

    It’s more of a warm-up workout which will make you feel longer, stronger and perfectly balanced. Initiate with all fours. Position your knees under hips and wrist under shoulders. Now lift your left arm to the height of your shoulder and left leg to the height of your hip. Hold on for 2 counts going forward with your finger and back with your heel. Repeat with the opposite side and do these exercises for 15-20 times. This is one of the best abs workouts for girls. It will consume a total of 20-25 min.
  3. Flat plank

    This is one of the very simple but best abs workouts and can be done anywhere. At first start with full push up position by keeping palms on the floor and behind your shoulders. Hold on for 30seconds by keeping your abs contracted and arms and legs extended. Keep your head aligned with the spine. Increase holding time slowly.
  4. Single leg stretch

    This is best upper abs workout where you will feel like your whole abs are getting engaged. At first, bent your knees and lie back in the mat. Raise your head and shoulders and twist your chin in your chest direction.Now bring the left knee towards your chest and place left hand on ankle and right hand on knees. Now raise your right leg from the floor in an angle of 45 degrees. Switch legs and hand. Now for each side make 5-10 reps. The whole exercise will take 20min.

Thus, with this simple abs exercise you can easily get your six-pack abs within less time period. All you need is consistency and dedication.

The Final Takeaway

According to experts, there are traditional as well as non-traditional workout routines and regimens that you can try for building your abs. We202 EMS training is a new approach that looks to integrate the benefits of science and technology to allow you to get the maximum ROIs from all your effort.

This helps you understand the number of calories you are burning, how long is it taking you and enables you to learn from projections. If you want to try something new that, then this is the training regimen for you. 

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