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Vyapam Scam

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About Vyapam Scam

Vyapam Scam is one of the recent scams that have shocked India at a whole. The Vyapam scam is a confirmation and enrolment scam including lawmakers, senior authorities and specialists in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Vyapam or Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal or Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is a self-financed and independent body fused by the State government in charge of leading a few passageway tests in the state.

These placement tests are utilized for enrolment to government employments and for admissions to instructive organizations in the state.

The scam included a conspiracy of undeserving individuals, who paid off legislators and MPPEB authorities through middlemen, to get high positions in these tests. These variations were reported since the 1990s but were never taken seriously until 2009 when 20 people were arrested as impersonators who came as candidates for PMT (Pre-Medical Test) 2009 in Indore and 55 cases overall throughout Madhya Pradesh between 2000-2012.

When major complaints started coming up, Jagdish Sagar (a leader of organized racket) was arrested for involvement in the scam leading to a probe by the Special Task Force and booking of Ex-Higher Education Minister Laxmikant Sharma. That was when Uma Bharti, then BJP vice president demanded CBI probe.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan told the assembly that out of 1.47 lakh appointments, 1000 were found illegal, though later the number was revised and Chouhan claimed to quit politics if found guilty.

Congress declared a “whistleblower” that provided information that STF was protecting Chouhan. The documents and the proofs given by the whistleblower were verified and found forged and fabricated. Soon deaths of 23 accused and witnesses were reported who were linked to the scam.

Congress called it foul, whereas BJP called it natural causes and had nothing to do with the Vyapam. By June 2015, around 2000 people were arrested and interrogated for the involvement in Vyapam Scam, including bureaucrats, officials, racket leaders, middlemen, candidates and parents of the candidates.

In July 2015 the Supreme Court issued an order to move the cases to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

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