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Rise in water level of major Karnataka rivers

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Vital rivers in Karnataka are in spate taking after substantial downpours, authorities said today. Rainstorm gives in the course of the most recent two days have prompted substantial inflows into Cauvery, Tunga and Bhadra waterways, the authorities said.

What’s more, after a wet Sunday, Bengaluru is required to be slashed by more rains today, the meteorological division said. Overwhelming downpours have additionally constrained authorities to close schools and universities today in Thirthahalli and Hosanagar towns of Shivamogga locale where low-lying territories have gone submerged.

Blustery climate is situated to proceed in Bengaluru today too, the office said. The greatest temperature on Monday in Bengaluru will drift around 28 degrees Celsius while the base temperature will associate with 20 degrees Celsius, the office said. Bengaluru city experienced light precipitation on Sunday.

While the HAL Airport territory got 7 mm of precipitation, the Kempegowda International Airport got 16.2 mm of a downpour.

On Sunday, Bengaluru enrolled the greatest temperature of 26.5 degrees Celsius, one score underneath the season’s normal. The base temperature was likewise an indent down at 18.8 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, Bengaluru enrolled a most extreme temperature of 26.5 degrees Celsius, one score beneath the season’s normal. The base temperature was likewise a score down at 18.8 degrees Celsius.

Rain and thunderstorms had already been taking place in coastal and South of Karnataka since Friday shifting to mid-Karnataka on Sunday.

Even in this scenario Bangaloreans in the city look to be enjoying the weather as one share “Experiencing this kind of weather almost every day is nothing but happiness…lucky to b in Bangalore. #loueebangaloree.”  Another tweet talks about the chilly weather this Monday, while another complaint about the chilly morning on a Monday making it difficult for people to get out of their bed for work though by an afternoon of Monday the humidity in the air had returned to 74 percent.

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