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Top 5 party hairstyles to boost your style

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Party dresses, party makeup, party footwear—Phew! It does take a lot to boast of that perfect party look, doesn’t it? While your dresses and makeup are certainly the vital requisites to set you just the right way for that lovely evening, there’s something without which your look is totally incomplete!

You guessed it right! It is the kind of hairdo you adorn.

So here are some easy to do quick 5 hairstyles that are perfect for any party, compatible with all kinds of dresses and makeup—

Hairstyle Tips

1. Messy braid

While it may be called a “messy” braid, but it certainly doesn’t make your look a mess when you adorn it at a party, especially with some long locks on the front left open. A messy braid is compatible with almost every outfit, but the best of it is realized with mono colors such as white, black, teal or red.

2.  Straight locks

Nothing looks more sophisticated that sporting a sleek straight hairstyle, flaunting your long tresses with outfits such as dresses, palazzos, gowns or jumpsuits. Team it with a shade of dark red lipstick and you are all set for the evening!

3. Fishtail braid

Speak of elegance and you just simply cannot strike of fishtail braids from that list! It is the best suited hairstyle for formal parties where you are decked up in gowns and dresses. You can try the fishtail braid in both variants—messy and clean, according to the occasion and it just blends in with your look.

4. French twist

Up hairdos are always ethereal, especially when it’s about a night party. A French twist is just what you need to look class apart, subtle yet elegant. It is not just attractive but also gives you a fresh feel, thanks to freedom from constantly managing your bangs or fringes which are left loose in other hairstyles.

5. Loose waves

In between the straight hairdo and the curls—there come the waves. Neither poker straight nor too curly, this hairstyle is pretty, simple and ravishing at the same time. The best part is, you can flaunt this hairstyle in both daylight parties and night parties as well.


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