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Super simple and cool ways to determine your hair type

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Hairstyles, haircuts define your personality to heaps and bounds. It is quintessential that you know your hair type properly so that you know which hairstyle would suit you and also choose the right range of products to treat your hair and keep them healthy.

There is much more needed than just looking, to determine what’s your hair type? Here are some simple yet cool ways to figure it out—

Tips for Hair

  1. Know the diameter of your hair properly.

Go for the single strand analysis where you would be able to know whether your hair is fine, medium, or course. Don’t mix up the density of your hair with its diameter, both are very different.

For the analysis, simply take a single hair strand between your thumb and index finger. If you don’t feel the presence of the strand, then you have extremely fine hair, if you feel the strand then you have a medium diameter, and if you feel it really thick and strong, then you are coarse.

  1. Density

The other way to determine your hair type is through density. Please note that a fine hair conclusion through diameter doesn’t mean you lack density and vice versa. The best way to know the hair density is by taking a side grip hair test.

Grab a handful of hair in a grip on the side of your head. If a fair amount of scalp is visible around that clump, then you are likely to have thin hair. If only a little bit of scalp if visible, then your hair type is medium, and if you can’t spot your scalp at all, then it is very thick.

  1. Elasticity

Hair with low elasticity is less healthy compared to hair with higher elasticity. The more elasticity your hair has, the more amount of styling you can do. To know your hair elasticity, simply pull a strand of your hair and stretch it, if it goes more than 50% of its original length without breaking, then it is higher in elasticity and healthy, but if it breaks before that, then it is low in elasticity and hence, not very healthy.

  1. The scalp sebum production

A healthy scalp is key to healthy hair. You need to know your scalp type to know what products you should apply to. Take this test in this simple way: Wash your hair properly with shampoo, make sure all the soapy essence is rinsed out well.

Check if your scalp appears greasy soon after, if it does then you have an oily scalp, if it doesn’t and pretty much remains the same, then you have it well balanced, but if it appears super dry, then you are likely to have a dry, itchy scalp with flakes, Choose your products accordingly, for dry/balanced/oily scalp.


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