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5 tips for perfect eyebrows

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Eyebrows not just add definition to your face but also define your beauty, your eyes, and your complexion. While it is always a complicated element when it comes to maintaining a perfect eyebrow shape, fretting over the “too thin” or the “too sparse” brows, here are some quick tips that can help you maintain perfect eye brows

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

1. It’s better to stay away from the tweezers

Tweezing isn’t a bad thing. It is sometimes quite necessary to tweeze your brows to keep the unwanted puny hair away, but it is really bad if it becomes a habit. In fact, most women tend to tweeze their brows every day or every alternative day, which is a definite no-no if you want to flaunt some perfect eyebrows. It is not just tormenting for your skin, but also makes your eyebrows look in bad shape.

2.  Don’t overdraw your brows

Fuller, thicker eyebrows definitely make you look special, but that doesn’t mean you need to overdraw them in order to achieve that “fuller look.” It is extremely crucial for you to maintain a look of your eyebrows that is closest to natural, as dramatically drawn eyebrows not only garner unwanted attention but can actually make you look scary. *Ouch*

So go for some light strokes of brushes and pencils on your brows and make sure that all the hair is at one direction, in order to attain the natural-looking, perfect eye brows.

3.  Same-same is a no-no for eyebrows

Don’t obsess over identical eyebrows, because *breaking news* your eyebrows are sisters, for sure, but not identical twins!

It is completely okay and natural to have one eyebrow higher and more arched than the other. So, same-same doesn’t work here. When we talk about eyebrows shape, you can bid the term “perfect symmetry” a much needed and happy goodbye!

4.  Highlight your eyebrows

We use eyeliners, kohl, mascara to add definition to our eyes, then why should we give our eyebrows a miss? To enhance your eyebrows, try highlighting them with a concealer or an illuminator that will not just make them look thicker and fuller but also compliment our overall look.

5. Dye your brows

If your eyebrows appear to be way too lighter to be noticed or way too darker to be shocked at, it is always a wise choice to get it dyed with just the right shade of color. It is advisable that you get it done from a professional who can assist you on what shade will suit you the best.


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