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5 reasons why you should go for the #Naked experiment

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Nature is such a spectacular creator. From birds to animals to mountains to oceans to human beings—its creations have dimensions that go beyond words to express. Well, talking about humans, nature has certainly vested some strenuous effort and time to give shape to the human body.

While there’s a plethora of vestiture to choose from to deck yourself with some amazing style and outfits, studies suggest that it is actually a positive step to try the “naked experiment” where you drop those garments and embrace yourself just the way nature created you that is “ahem” naked.

Here we give you 5 reasons why you should try the naked experiment

Naked Experiment

1.  It helps you burn fats and shed some pounds

Staying without clothes means your body is more exposed to cold. The main supply of the good fat cells in the body, technically known as the brown adipose tissue resides in your neck as well as shoulder blades.

Thus, when your body is exposed to cold, escalation of the BAT takes place which helps in burning the bad fat cells—the white adipose tissue, helping you shed some unwanted pounds.

 2.  You will be more comfortable in your skin

The world is a competitive place to be in and with constant pressure, be it familial or from peers, self acceptance becomes a tough thing. Being naked more often makes you to realize who you truly are and also be more comfortable in your own skin.

 3.  It helps boost your immune system

Being without clothes and being exposed to sun rays actually increases the level of Vitamin D in your body which is directly related to enhancing your immunity. Thus, it can help you fight off some deadly viruses and also prevent you from flu.

 4.  Sex with lights on!

This is no surprise but majority of the people have comfort in having sex with lights off or dimmed, as they are quite hesitant to accept themselves as they are and also apprehensive about the way they look. Since the naked experiment actually makes you feel comfy in your own skin, it also boosts your confidence to be who you really are and also have sex with those lights on!

 5.  It saves money

Isn’t it obvious? Being naked means spending less on those expensive clothes and thus, increases your (otherwise) diminishing bank balance.

 With all of the above benefits, it mustn’t be wrong to give the experiment a try and see the positives yourself!

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