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Symptoms That Shows Your Body Has Severe Iron Deficiency

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Iron is one of the most imperative nutritive elements in your body. This is the mineral that ensures that an adequate amount of oxygen is delivered to the different parts of the body round the clock.

The mineral is also required for making hemoglobin, which ensures that an adequate amount of red blood cells are produced in the body.

A dearth of an adequate amount of red blood cells could lead to anemia which is one of the most common types of iron deficiency that is found in humans.

Even though iron deficiency is a common problem, it can lead to really serious consequences for a person.

Symptoms of Severe Iron Deficiency

Do You Get Tired Very Easy?

This is one of the most vital signs of iron deficiency. If you feel tired even after a good night’s sleep it indicates the fact that you are suffering from the serious iron deficit. This is why your different body parts and muscles are unable to get the right amount of oxygen, which makes you feel drowsy, lazy and tired all the time.

Are You Often Short Of Breath?

Red blood cells or iron in your body helps to distribute enough oxygen to the different parts of the body. A low level of breath will indicate that since your body is getting a lower amount of oxygen hence you are doing a heavier amount of breathing so that you can fulfill the deficit. This results in shortness of breath for a considerable time of the day.

Lack Of Color

Iron in your skin ensures that your skin has a healthy and lively color. It gives a red color to your skin, resulting from a red color to the blood. Lack of iron in the blood can reduce the red color of the blood and can also make your skin look really dull and pale. The same can happen to your gums, nails, lips and also the rest of the body.

Pica Syndrome

This is a situation when a person develops a strange craving for inedible objects. People suffering from Pica syndrome can develop strange cravings for items like clothes, needles, coins and cigarette butts. Pica syndrome is triggered off by iron deficiency in the body.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems of the current times. In most cases, people fail to understand that this can be a potential symptom of the fact that your hair follicles are receiving an inadequate amount of oxygen that is resulting in loss of hair.

Dizziness And Headaches

The deficit of iron in the body can also lead to lack of oxygen in the brain that can lead to headaches and frequent dizziness.


Irregular heartbeat is yet another important indication that your body lacks adequate iron in your blood. This means that the heart has to work extra to carry oxygen to the rest of the body.


The iron deficit can also lead to frequent infections in the body. The best way to fight the problem is by taking the right type and amount of food that has enough iron in them.

Items such as apples, banana, raw banana, meat, meat and chicken liver, leafy vegetables, guava etc can be eaten on a regular basis.

You can also consult a doctor for medicines and iron oriented pills.

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