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Candid photography—11 tips that will always help you

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Natural shots are always considered to be the best ones compared to those where your subject is camera conscious and is posing for the photographer. Certainly, candid photos make the best natural photos, and when a photographer is aiming at some really cool candid photos, s/he must abide by some tips to achieve the best results.

11 handy tips for candid photography: 

  1. Carry your camera everywhere

The concept of candid shots is to let your subject be not conscious of being clicked at all, and hence that needs you to carry your camera everywhere so that you can get the best natural and candid shots.

  1. Say no to flash

Well, your subject may be completely oblivious to the fact that she is being clicked unless of course, your camera’s flash spoils all the fun! It garners the attention of your subject pretty instantly and also of those around you. So the best way to go ahead with candid photography is by saying no to using flash.

  1. Long zoom is your buddy in crime

This one works great in not letting your subject have even an iota of an idea of being clicked. The farther you are, the lesser are the chances for your subject to realize that she is being clicked. Hence, use the long zoom function of your camera to take pictures from a relatively long distance.

  1. Take multiple shots

Since your subject is unaware of being clicked, it’s obvious that she is not going to stay still for the perfect pose. Hence, it is mandatory that you take as many shots as possible, to increase the probability of getting the best one from the lot.

  1. Click people when they are doing something

The best way for a subject to look natural in a picture is when it does some activity rather than sitting idle. So try to click people when they are involved in an activity, say, reading, writing, talking, smiling while thinking, etc.

  1. Position yourself carefully

The position of the photographer during candid photography is crucial. Position yourself at a spot from where you believe you can get the best candid shots, without any obstructions.

  1. Take the shot from the hip

The moment you raise your camera to a higher level, you make people around you conscious of being clicked. Hence, it is wise to take the shots from your hip, so that you garner little to no attention while clicking people candidly.

  1. Photograph people when they are with other people

Clicking people when they are interacting with each other gives the photograph a depth and makes it look more lively and natural.

  1. Include foreground elements with your subject

Having a focus on your subject amid other people or objects in the foreground adds volume to the image, making it seem more natural.

  1. Mix up your point of view

Experiment with angles, subjects and mix them with your perspective to get the best and random shots.

  1. Include posed shots in your candid zone

When people are posing formally for another photographer, take shots of those moments, as you will get the best focus from these shots and those will still be candid.

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