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Needful things to do for getting a healthy skin in summers

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In summers the skin should be kept hydrated and there should be a proper treatment for the damage due to pollution, scorching heat and humidity.

With the change of seasons, our skincare even needs a seasonal change.  Here are few tips to keep your skin radiating like before and get back the natural glow of the skin.

Tips for Healthy Skin in Summers

  1. The basic remedy is to exfoliate your skin. As the skin sheds its dry cells at a high rate and if you don’t get rid of the dead cells your skin will look dry and dull. So to get rid of these dead skin cells you need to use body scrub for 2-3 days in a week to keep your skin bright and
  2. Sunscreens are the most important items for summers. The sunscreens should have UVA and UVB protection and should be of SPF 30 and SPF 70 according to the skin type. The sunscreen should be applied after every interval of 1-2 hours when we are out in the sun.
  3. In summers we should apply the least of make-up. If the foundation is applied then we should keep in mind that the face powder should have SPF to avoid the patches on the skin. Eye makeup should be avoided under the intolerant sun.
  4. As it is summer we need to keep yourself dehydrated, you need to drink 8 glasses of water in a day at least and carry a water bottle and drink at least once in 30 minutes.
  5. You need to use gel or purees to keep your body moisturized. The light fruit lotion is the best one for summers.
  6. You can apply summer tint to your skin and if not whole body but apply it on our face. It will give a healthy glow to our skin.
  7. A pedicure should be done, at-home pedicure are also very useful. Scrubbing should be done few times in a week which removes the dead skin of your feet.
  8. Apply some bold polish on your toes. Two coats must be applied one as the base color and the second one, which is a clear top coat to protect the color.

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