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4 skincare blunders that you need to rectify immediately

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Your skin is precious. It’s the first thing one notices in you and it is extremely important to take good care of it and follow the right regimen.

While a lot goes into the radar that determines how good your skin looks, from genetics to skincare routine, there are some big blunders that women often make, not realizing how much it is damaging their skin.

Let’s quickly get to know what these mistakes are so that you can waste no more time and fix them right away—

4 Skincare Blunders

  1. Too lazy to wash and cleanse the face before bed

Your sleep at night is important in multiple ways. It’s the time your body utilizes to rejuvenate itself in order to prepare itself for the next day, and so does your skin.

Hence, when you lazily jump into your bed with all that makeup and dirt on, you pave way for skin imposters like enlarged pores and acne to reside on your face, hindering your skin’s way to a fresh breath.

  1. SPF cream? Nah! It’s only for summer

UV rays are way too powerful than you can even think of! The sunlight may not seem that harsh on your skin in winters as it does in summers, but that doesn’t brush off the fact that it is totally capable of harming your skin and bringing aging lines quicker than natural.

Always wear a moisturizer with at least SPF 30 to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays.

  1. You touch your skin way too often with your hands

Your fingers are carriages carrying dirt and so many bacteria. When you have a habit of touching your face too often and picking at your skin with your hands, you are doing more harm than good, as you are placing those bacteria and dirt on your face, paving way for your skin to break out in endless pimples.

  1. You don’t feel exfoliation is necessary

Many women aver that their skin is too sensitive for exfoliation and totally give it a pass. What they don’t understand is that it is extremely important for one’s skin to be exfoliated regularly to remove all the dead cells and dirt.

One can always go for natural and organic peels rather than the branded labels with too many chemicals if they are too worried about their skin’s sensitivity.

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