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About Punjabi Language

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Punjabi Language

One of the most popular Indo-Aryan languages of India, Punjabi is the 10th most widely spoken language in the world. As of today, Punjabi has over 102 million native speakers in the whole world. It is also the only tonal language in the entire family of Indo-European languages in the world.

It is primarily spoken by the Punjabi people residing in the countries of both India and Pakistan. Other than these two counties, Punjabi is also widely spoken in other countries like the United Arab Emirates, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Coming to the dialects of Punjabi, the major ones are Doabi, Majhi, Malwai, Powadhi, Multani and Pothohari. In India, the standardized script that the Punjabi language follows in write ups and verbalized aspects is Gurmukhi, while in Pakistan, the script followed for the same is Shahmukhi. While Gurmukhi literally means “from the Guru’s mouth,” Shahmukhi means “from the king’s mouth.”

While Punjabi has always been a popular language in India, often considered to be a sweet language given its phrases and terms of endearment, it is said that Bollywood has a big contribution in the increasing popularity of Punjabi, since other than Hindi most of its chartbuster music tracks are written in Punjabi wholly or partially, making them more popular in the country per se as well as worldwide.

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