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Intricate Details About MP Labor

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The workers of the mp labor department are given information about numerous plans and how a laborer can benefit from those schemes using this portal. Workers can apply for shop establishment, contract labor (contractor) registration, certificate verification, and other projects on the Labor Department’s portal.

It is mainly a labour which goes through the maximum problems, and most of the times is not even aware of the different schemes which are there for them specifically. Hence, through the MP Labour department they will get to know everything on time and can reap the benefits of the same.

The labor department’s key responsibilities are as follows:

  1. The mp labor department’s primary mission is to defend workers’ physical and social interests through various acts.
  2. As a result, the state obtains a competent workforce that effectively contributes to industrial development.
  3. The shram vibhag oversees worker service conditions by enforcing various acts through the labor commissioner organization, ensuring that workers’ remuneration and working circumstances are adequate, and establishing industrial peace by settling labor disputes.


The Labor Services Department Portal Scheme serves a specific purpose.

  1. To create a healthy, safe, and decent working environment and quality for employees.
  2. To establish Madhya Pradesh as a child-labor-free state and protect children from risky jobs and practices.
  3. To improve employability on a long-term basis through skill development.
  4. To ensure employer-employee cooperation and a healthy working relationship.
  5. Uniform application of mplabor federal and state laws and regulations throughout the state.
  6. Improving working conditions, worker health and safety, the enforcement and appropriate management of labor laws, and expanding employees’ social security coverage through the adoption of better policies, programs, schemes, and projects.


Eligibility to Register for the Labor Services Department Portal 

  • All employees who operate in a conventional industrial unit.
  • The laborer must be employed in a Madhya Pradesh-based industrial unit.
  • Must have worked in the establishment for at least a year.
  • And such an institution/establishment deposits the worker’s salary regularly.
  • Workers/family members must apply online in the specified form for each plan to take advantage of the Board’s schemes.

Labor Services Department Portal Benefits 

  1. The labor department mp promotes harmonious industrial relations by enforcing various labor regulations and ensuring the safety and security of workers’ interests.
  2. It is dedicated to vocational skill development and coordination to establish a healthy working environment to boost productivity and job prospects.
  3. The government is also focused on improving the well-being of workers in both the organized and unorganized sectors and providing them with social security.

List of Shram Sewa Portal Schemes

  • New Registration / Renewal / Modification / Modification with Renewal | Shop and Establishment
  • Registration, Licensing, and Renewal | Factory
  • Factory: Competent Persons / Institutions Registration / Renewal.
  • License / Renewal to Contractor for Contract Labor.
  • Contract Labor: Principal Employer Registration |
  • registering a company to hire construction employees |
  • Registration / Renewal of Establishments for Motor Transport Workers |
  • Contractors who hire migrant labor from other states must get a license or renew their license.
  • The employment of interstate migrant workers is regulated, and the major employer must be registered.
  • Reporting on Hostage Workers (Liberty) |
  • Professional Associations Registration |
  • Return Filing Online |

The following is a list of labor laws that apply to you.

  • Certificate Verification by a Third Party |
  • Various departments offer various services.
  • The Labor Services Department Portal Scheme’s main points.
  • The labor service portal is the name of the scheme.
  • Department: Department of Labor
  • Madhya Pradesh’s government initiated it.
  • The plan’s goal is to provide a healthy, safe, and decent working environment for employees.
  • All employees will benefit.

The Fundamentals of the Shram Seva Portal Scheme 


Organization of the Labor Commission

According to sections 3 and 6 of the Madhya Pradesh Industrial Relations Act, 1960, the state government will nominate a labor commissioner for the state and the necessary number of deputy labor commissioners, assistant labor commissioners, labor officers, and other officials to support them.

As a result, the state’s Labor Commissioner organization is operational. Under Section 4 of the Act above, the State Government has also nominated the Labor Commissioner as “Chief Treasurer.”

Under the Labor Commissioner Organization, located in Indore, there are primarily two organizations: one that works on labor law enforcement, labor interest protection, and industrial relations, and the other controlled by the Directorate of Industrial Health and Safety.


Department of Labor

Labor offices have now been created in all of the state’s districts. The charge of these districts is handled by an officer posted at the level of the surrounding community or an Assistant Labor Officer until a Labor Officer or Assistant Labor Commissioner is placed in all offices.

Two offices are built in each district (Dhar and Bhind), one at district headquarters and the other at significant industrial towns (Pithampur and Malanpur, respectively).

Ten divisional offices (Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Satna, Sagar, Narmadapuram division-Hoshangabad, Shahdol, and Chambal division-Morena) and one district Singrauli at the level of Assistant Labor Commissioner and the remaining 42 offices at the level of Labor Officer were established out of the state’s 51 districts.

Because of the rebirth of the divisional system, the Assistant Labor Commissioner assigned to the divisional level is now responsible for the divisional level’s activities.

Labor Service Department of Madhya Pradesh App

Shram Seva App can be downloaded here.

To promote the accessibility of its services through MP Shram Seva Portal (, the Office of Labor Commissioner has launched its revolutionary Mobile App, “Madhya Pradesh Shram Seva App” on Google Play Store.

Users of the mp labor portal(employees, employers, entrepreneurs, factory owners, etc.) can benefit from quick access to services and access information immediately at their fingertips, thanks to Google Play Store being the most popular domain for reliable Android applications.


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