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India’s Growing Interest in Fantasy Cricket

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Among the Indian economy’s fastest-growing industries, the fantasy sports sector is growing exponentially. The acceptance of fantasy cricket is increasing rapidly, regardless of whether it’s the season of the year when India is playing or when the players of the national team are competing in the Indian T20 League.

With every new tournament or series, the player base increases by thousands of players, and these users then invite their friends, family, and colleagues.

If cricket is India’s greatest uniting factor, fantasy sports apps are where countless individuals from various backgrounds come together. The factors that have contributed to the growing interest of fantasy cricket in India and skyrocketed its popularity are:

  • Cricket is revered as a religion in India: In India, cricket is equivalent to a celebration. There are billions of individuals that belong to this group, and it is recognized as a religion. Since the arrival of fantasy cricket, individuals have realized that by just following the game and creating their own fantasy team, they can now take part and win amazing rewards. It’s pretty simple for them to form a squad and take home the reward since everyone has been a fan of the game since they were little.
  • Cricketers are worshiped: In India, athletes like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are considered heroes, and for some cricket fans, Sachin Tendulkar is their favorite player. Following Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, some fans stopped following the game. These legends now support several fantasy cricket applications. For a nation that loves cricket and players so much, nothing is off-limits in terms of participation in the sport. Therefore, India has always been a promising market for fantasy cricket.
  • Increased use of smartphones: Things that might have been difficult to access ten years ago are now commonplace. Over 50 crore Indians currently own mobile phones, with smartphone use steadily increasing. Fantasy cricket is only one of the many opportunities that arise as a result. More than 13 crore Indians now participate in at least one fantasy sport, which demonstrates how quickly the craze has spread since these apps were introduced half a decade ago.
  • Easy to play: Fantasy cricket apps have made it easier for users to follow, enjoy and partake in matches similar to their favorite players. And with an easy-to-use interface, they’ve made it simple for them to engage in the games. There are several fantasy applications available and each has its own benefits. Go for the one that works best for you and enjoy this thrilling game.
  • Makes watching cricket a more active experience: Cricket watching doesn’t have to be a passive pastime anymore, whether it’s done in a stadium or on a screen. In fantasy cricket, the player has a stake in each and every ball that is bowled. Your fantasy team receives points for runs scored, wickets taken, and catches made, so there’s obviously an extra incentive to pay extra attention to the live action.
  • A platform to demonstrate expertise: Even if you haven’t played cricket much or at all, you can still become an expert at fantasy cricket. It offers a wonderful chance to demonstrate your command of cricket’s intricacies. Additionally, it allows you to showcase your artistic eye. Fantasy competition winners almost often identify fresh talent before others do and incorporate them into the squad much early.
  • The joy of success: Fantasy cricket competitions without prizes can still be a lot of fun. You can enjoy as many free games as you like on fantasy cricket apps. However, the cash tournaments that attract the top players from across the nation present an exhilarating challenge. You can join many teams in a competition, but ultimately, if you want to compete against and defeat other cricket gurus, your selection techniques must be spot on.

Fantasy sports are becoming more popular in India, with fantasy cricket being a particularly lucrative niche. The growth in cricket’s popularity can be attributed to various factors such as the admiration for cricketers, the rise in smartphone usage, the ease of accessibility, and the joy of achieving success among others. Fantasy cricket facilitates a special way for individuals from all walks of life to have a common interest in the game.

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