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How Did Cricket Evolve?

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Cricket is one of the most loved games in the country. India is known to be a cricket fanatic country. People here worship cricketers quite literally.

From IPL to World Cups, Indians thoroughly watch and enjoy cricket. The popularity is also clear from the surge in usage of virtual cricket. If you want to know more about this, you can read this Forbes article.

Gaming manufacturers and application owners have enjoyed meaty profits ever since people started having access to cheap Internet and mobile phones.

The same multiplied manifolds since the pandemic have hit the country, and people were bound to stay at home due to government rules and regulations. So start to play now to understand better.

Fantasy cricket games are known to entertain people even when staying indoors. But as a cricket fan, do you know how cricket has changed over the years and has evolved? If not, then you will enjoy reading this blog.

History: It is said that cricket has been played ever since the 17th century. Since then, it has evolved, and now it has this glamorous, appealing nature.

First Definite Reference

In the year 1597, a court case involved the game of cricket. It is the earliest sign of universally accepted reference to the game.

However, some experts say that cricket was first heard of in North East England during the 16th century. Earlier, it was known to be the boy’s game. It came from the story that two adult men in Sussex were arrested for not going to church and playing this game on a Sunday.

Can you imagine how old this game is?

17th and 18th centuries

A few shreds of evidence prove that this game was played in the 17th century before the English Civil War broke out. The Hambledon Club was established in 1760 when cricket took a severe turn. Most people enjoyed playing and watching this sport. People used to gather to watch this sport.

There were books written on the laws of cricket as well.

The famous international cricket

In 1844, 2 of the not-so-popular countries known for cricket contested against each other for this game in Manhattan. We are talking about the United States of America and Canada. In this game, Canada managed to win by 23 runs.

The globalization of cricket: England and Australia are 2 of the first official nations recognizing cricket as a decent game. Later, the game was established in several other countries, such as South Africa in 1889, New Zealand in 1930, India in 1932, Pakistan in 1952 et al.

Other countries with their cricket teams include West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.

The impact of T20 cricket

The English cricket board launched T20 cricket in 2003. Ever since that, the T20 format has become a global phenomenon. These days T20 is also being played in India, Australia, etc. The tournaments started gaining so much popularity, with investors pouring in money for the glamorization of the same. The KFC 2020 big bash became a phenomenon with a bigger budget and international players.

In 2019, IPL had a value of $6.3 billion, which is pretty impressive. Other games played throughout the globe include big bash league Australia, Bangladesh Premier League, ECB Vitality Blast England, etc.

How Does T20 Help The Popularity Of Cricket?

Cricket has evolved over the years, and the latest t20 format has created a rage. The popularity of cricket these days can be attributed to the T20 format. It has become our topic of discussion ever since it was launched.

Gambling and press coverage

When we are talking about the history of cricket, how can we ever miss gambling and press coverage. There were several instances where gambling became a part of cricket, and several cricketers were stopped from playing the game.

Cricket became a significant gambling sport by the end of the 17th century.

Development of the laws

It is not clear when and how the basic rules of cricket were established. When was the bat, ball, wicket, and pitch dimensions formulated also not known? However, it is said that the Duke of Richmond and Alan Brodick worked on articles of agreement in the year 1728. It was to provide a clear idea about how the game is to be played.

It was in 1744 when the laws of cricket were codified before they were further amended in 1774. After that, it started growing in England, and people realized that this game was here to stay.

Fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket was made for entertaining the audience, a part of the fantasy sports genre. You can score points in this game and even win real cash prizes if you participate in the cash contests.

Based on the T20 format, virtual cricket or fantasy cricket was launched. People started enjoying the game because of the accessible format and because they got to create and control a particular team.

T20 penetrated many countries, and the shorter format became a revolution across the globe. If you like competitive sports, you will enjoy T20. If you haven’t played virtual cricket, it is time for you to start playing the games.

There are free games for you to enjoy as well. To win a tournament, you must aim to get the maximum points.

You can download various applications on your mobile phone and start playing. However, before starting, you should be aware of the combinations you must create to win. Always go for more all-rounders.

Moreover, points for captain and vice-captain are more than that of the regular players.

Isn’t the history of cricket fascinating? If you know more, write to us!

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