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India is a sports loving Country. People in India are very much aware and fond of different sports. A rich heritage country India plays different games and does participate in different international tournament like Olympic, Asia Cup etc. and also participate in different national tournament as well.

There are number of popular sports in India including Kabaddi, the national game of the Country. But cricket is one of the most popular games in India.

Popular Sports in India

India has hosted different national and international games in the world, in some of the games she also co-hosted with other Countries in the world. Let us have a look about India’s participation and performance in international sports.

  • India hosted 1951 and 1982 Asian Games.
  • India has won 8 Olympic gold medals in Hockey.
  • India hosted and participated in 1987, 1996 and 2011 Cricket World Cup.
  • India hosted and participated the Afro-Asian Games in the year of 2003.
  • India hosted 2010 Hockey World Cup and 2010 Commonwealth Games.
  • Many international sports were happened in India, including Chennai Open, Mumbai Marathon, Delhi Half Marathon and the Indian Masters.
  • In the year of 2011, India hosted first Indian Grand Prix at Buddha International Circuit; it was a most popular motor racing circuit happened in Greater Noida, UP.
  • India also successfully arranged IPL, known as Indian Premier League in 2008 and has been continuing every year.

There are number of popular sports in India but cricket is most popular amongst other sports in the Country. In football India’s FIFA ranking is 159th. The Yuva Bharati Kringan of Kolkata is the second largest non-auto racing stadium across the globe.

Sports play a major role in Indian tradition and culture, due to the reason various sports are being played in India. Among them the top sports are Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Chess, Motor Sports, Wrestling, Table tennis and Basketball.


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