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India is a subcontinent comprise with unity in diversification. Indian history has been enhanced with so many modifications for improving cultural and traditional values. Several cultures influence with diverse elements appears in lives. India has been contributed with various categories of languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, customs and traditions. These are different according to areas and development times. Great Indian Culture had the great affect across the world by its individual efficiency.

• Diverse religions including Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism play different role in lives of people who are followers of respective cultures. Joint family system and marriage rituals had great impact in continuing lives with so dedicated.
• Various festivals are celebrated by people in different ways and methods in India. Hindu, Muslim, Christian festivals are celebrated by enthusiasm and dedication by Indian people. Regional fairs, markets, and Melas are participated and evacuated by people with great ease.

• Dissimilar clothing styles exist in different areas of people. These are specific to their local customs and heritage. Multi-Cuisine system in India attracts the whole world with numerous varieties and traditions with good etiquette and dining. Arts and literature are unique with marvelous contributions by Indian people and famous for the whole world.
• Physical exercises, yoga, Surya Namaskaras, meditation are plasticized throughout the country with good spirit and habits.
• Sports and arts are uniform for the participants with their respect and interest in interested fields.

Everyone must know and study great Indian culture and traditions. Indian GK will provide you information, Quiz, Articles, Questions & Answers, GK related to Indian Culture.

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