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Culture of Rajasthan: very distinct from others

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About the Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the land of Rajput rulers whose tales of fidelity, romance, and courage have been embedded into folklore and ballads. It has a thousand-year-old heritage and has its own unique culture. Its primary spoken language is Rajasthani and the people of this state also spoke Hindi.

However, the dressing style of the Rajasthani people is traditional and colorful. Women like to wear long Swirling Jaipuri print skirts, adorned with heavy silver jewelry and the face covered with veil to protect them from bright rays of the sun whereas men believe to keep long mustaches as the symbol of pride, colorful Angrakhi with white dhoti and colorful tie-and-dye fabric turban on their heads is very attractive and gorgeous.

Music and Dance

Folk music is an important part of Rajasthan culture. Its song are used to tell the legendary battles of Rajputs, love stories, religious, heroic deeds or devotional songs known as banis and bhajan etc  are accompanied by musical instruments like sitar, dholak and sarangi etc. furthermore, Ghoomar is one the popular dance of this glorious land.


Well, you will find Hinduism religion in this state. Other significant religious such as the Muslims and Jains are available in a very rare quantity.

Art and Architecture

Rajasthan is famous for its lovely and traditional embroidery, which is completely done by hands. The tie and die prints, Bagaru prints, block prints, Bandhej kurtis and Saris, Sanganer prints are very famous and export products from Rajasthan. Moreover, Handicraft items like wooden furniture, hand-knotted carpets, beautiful pottery are more famous in this land of paradise. Gold and Kundan jewelry is also famous from this place.


The cooking style of Rajasthani food is highly affected by lack of fresh green vegetables and the scarcity of water. Daily food, prepared from wheat, maize, barley or millet. Some of the mouth-watering cuisines of this state include Churma, Dal-Bati, Besan ki Missi puri, and Lachhedar Paratha. Well, Non-vegetarians its popular foods is Safed mass (white meat) and Lal Maas (red meat) cooked with nuts, cashews, almonds, and coconut.


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