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Culture of Himachal Pradesh: Combining charm and Science Beauty

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About Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a multi-cultural, multi-regional as well as multi-lingual state. This state has a fine reflection of all traditions and cultures as the Hindu communities are residing here including other people like Rajputs, Brahmins, Kannets, Kolis, and Rathis, etc. Moreover, the other terrible population like Gaddis, Gujjars, Kinnars, Lahaulis and Pangawals are also found in this state.

Himachal Pradesh is well-known for its famous handicrafts, leather works, woodwork and especially woolen clothes, Himachali Caps, and Pashmina shawls.

Well as we know Himachal Pradesh is also known as “heaven of earth” and extremely for its cold temperature throughout the day.

With technological advancements, this culture of this state has changed very rapidly. The people of this state are adopting external customs and cultures of others like western culture, classical culture, and many others.

Mainly, its popular language is Pahari but now the people of this beautiful state start using all languages like Hindi, Dogri, Punjabi, Mandialli, Kinaauri, and Gojri, etc.

Apart from all, the festivals and fairs are also celebrated in this state. Its most popular festival is Shivratri which is celebrated on the Krishna Chaturdashi or the fourteenth day of the waning moon in the month of Phalguna (February-March).

This festival commemorates the marriage of Lord Shiva with ritual gaiety goddess Parvati at the famous Baijnath shrine. Not only this, but they also host Shivratri fair as saga full of Joy, colors, and gaiety, etc.

Despite all, the Lavi fair is also held in this state. This fair is popular for shopping for its famous clothes, eatables, Dry fruits, handlooms, and handicrafts, etc.

This fair is held every year at a pre-decided time. Large numbers of traders or manufactures are used to come to this fair, to sell their great range of Himachal Handicrafts, Handlooms and many more.

Himachal Pradesh is also highly appreciable by the tourist. Many tourists come every year to this beautiful state and enjoy its culture at the fullest.


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