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Nati Dance – folk dance of Himachal Pradesh

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About Nati Dance

Nati is a folk dance of Himachal Pradesh, India which is a vital part of the performing arts of the place.

It brings out the traditional sector of the destination and is mainly performed during the celebration of major festivals and fairs.

The dance has an abstract sequence and is primarily associated with the New Year Festival. It has been denoted as the largest folk dance of the country and has its mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Nati dance is also performed in several other parts of India like Uttrakhand and Chandigarh.

Variations Of The Dance:

There are seven types of Nati folk dance in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the most popular ones are Sirmauri Nati, Mahasuvi Nati, Kinnauri Nati, and Lahaul Nati.

These dances celebrate the New Year event and joy of a good harvest in the place. The two-fold aspect of the dance makes it even more unique and special for the people.

Male and female together perform on the Nati dance starting with slow movements of the body. The performers dance in circles or in rows.


The dancers are dressed gracefully in rich and colorful costumes which enhances the vibrancy of the performance even more.

There is a feather attached to their hair and they dance wearing sweet smiles on their faces to welcome the golden harvest and new beginning.

Women wear heavy ornaments like Chanki and Tunki while giving their performances. Their glamorous outfits make the stage glorious and are a treat for the beholders to witness.

Other Characteristics Of The Folk Dance:

The musical arrangement of the dance has different variations and the rhythm varies depending upon the region where it is performed.

Skillful musicians play instruments like shehnai, drums, cymbals, and raising while the dancers perform.

It is a matter of great pride for the people living in Himachal Pradesh that their traditional folk dance is now recognized worldwide and they strive hard to keep up this rich heritage.



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