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Fairs and Festivals India

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India is a colorful country in many respects. If you want to experience the different shade of life as well as culture under the same roof then India is one and only land who can give you miscellaneous ordeal with its vibrant culture and festivals.

You can satisfy your eyes with the abundant greeneries and can view different hues of life with Indian festivals and fairs. India is ever rich in cultural aspect and India is the home for the people who have come from distinct religions.

Likewise in Indian culture you can see various kinds of fairs in the land of India over the year. Some important names of fairs which are as colorful as lively like the people of India.

Fairs and Festivals of Traditional India

  • Maha Khumbh Mela– this one of the largest and famous fair which takes place in four pious places in India by gyration. Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik in every twelve year.
  • Sonepur fair of Cattle- it held in every November in Bihar on the day of purnima (full moon day).
  • Pushkar fair– it is the largest fair of camel and it held between the month of October and November in the city of Pushkar.
  • Chandrabhaga fair – this fair is also known as Maghe Saptam fair. The fair is held in February in the state of Orissa at Khandagiri.

Though, you can find many more fairs or melas if you visit India with your full baggage. India is one of the renowned countries over the world, who celebrates numerous festivals all over the year by different religions. Let’s describe some of the festival of India in a short note.

The Picture of Culture and Heritage of India’s fairs and festivals

  • Maker Sankranti– it is celebrated at the middle of January in every year.
  • Pongal– it is mainly celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu due to the starting of season of harvesting.
  • Maha Shivaratri – it is held to worship god Shiva.
  • Baisakhi fiesta – It is one of the harvest festivals which is held in India on April in every year.

You can enjoy other festivals in India and can observe the same spirit and happiness in the people of living India. The fairs and celebrations in India are a brilliant articulation on the nation’s assorted variety and multi ethnic character.

Throughout the years, India has developed as a noteworthy monetary power as well as one of the most mainstream travel goals on the planet.

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