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How to redeem SBI Bank credit card reward points to cash

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Reward Points from the SBI Credit Card

Most banks have different credit card programs focused on the credibility and demands of the customers they represent.

Credit cards are now aligned with loyalty programs that allow the cardholder to earn reward points that can be redeemed in different categories.

This insists the cardholder uses the card more often and in all routine purchases. Massive credit card purchases also help the customer gain more points and free vouchers or tickets.

Through using the credit card judiciously and collecting reward points, a cardholder can continue to make considerable savings.

Sometimes, on reward points, many banks allow cash conversion.

SBI is one of India’s most reputed banks. To match the needs of different clients, they offer a range of credit cards. The SBI rewards are available in India or foreign destinations while swiping the card through several merchants.

The SBI Reward Catalogue is released annually to provide a gift list for SBI reward points. Under different classifications, the Reward Points Redemption can be achieved against the gift list.

SBI Credit cards come with attractive deals and plans for reward points. Each card has a specific scheme of rewards, and it is essential to select the correct SBI credit card to ensure that the full benefits from their respective reward programs can be made available to you. We will read more about how to redeem reward points for SBI here:

You will get the most out of each rupee you spend in the form of reward points by using the SBI credit card to make purchases from retail stores and online payments.

You can swap these reward points for goods, gift cards, a reversal of fees, etc. While reward points usually are not considered when applying for a card, the advantages they typically offer help the cardholder save dramatically when repaying the amount due and making transactions.

NOT Qualified Transactions for Reward Points

The SBI Card has revised the terms and conditions relating to purchases not eligible for receiving reward points. The following transactions will not gain any incentive points from July 1, 2020, onwards:

  • E-Wallet transaction loading
  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Transfer of balance
  • Contested transaction
  • Purchases at gas pumps or stations for service
  • Facility Encash or Dial-a-draft
  • Financial fines, such as late payment fees, dishonored cheque fees, etc.

Via Net Banking or the Mobile App, SBI credit card reward points can be redeemed online. Using the following methods to redeem SBI credit card reward points—


SBI Online Reward Point Redemption:

For online reward point redemption, follow the steps given below. You can — for SBI Internet Banking,

Step 1- Use your customer ID and password to connect to the SBI Card portal.

Step 2- Go to the section ‘Rewards’ and press ‘Redeem Rewards.’

Step 3- Filter the group, city, and reward points.

Step 4- Search the ‘Rewards Catalogue’ products and pick one according to your preference.

Step 5- For validation, click ‘Redeem Now.’


Application on Smartphone

Step 1- Use your customer ID and password to log in to the SBI Card mobile app.

Step 2- Pick the ‘Rewards’ option from the left-hand menu and click on’ Redeem Rewards. ‘

Step 3- Filter the group, city, and reward points.

Step 4- Search the ‘Rewards Catalogue’ products and pick one according to your preference.

Step 5- To confirm and continue with your redemption process, click on ‘Redeem Now.’


If you wonder how to redeem SBI reward points offline, check the below-mentioned method.

SBI Customer Care

You can redeem credit card reward points by calling the customer service number for the SBI credit card. With the redemption process, the customer service executive will assist you. You can either pay in points for the item or pick the option ‘Points+Pay’ where you can redeem your points and pay the extra credit card amount.

Holders of SBI debit cards can also redeem and turn SBI debit card points into cash.

Credit card companies typically allow their customers to redeem gift products and coupons with reward points. Just a few credit card issuers allow their clients to turn the reward points into cash that can later be used to pay the outstanding principal. Via the following means, it can be transformed.

You can access the official page of the SBI Card website.

You can send an email to the bank about converting the reward points to cash by logging in to the account using your credentials.

Alternatively, to support you with the conversion process, you can also contact the customer service team. You can dial 1800 180 1290 toll-free at the following number:

If you choose to use your credit card reward points to buy a gift item, you can redeem them for the items below.

  • Electronics
  • Kitchenware and homeware
  • Lifestyle and Luxury
  • Entertainment and Dining
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Fitness and wellbeing
  • Travel and Holidays
  • E-vouchers

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