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History of Shalimar Garden

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Situated near the far end of the famous Dal Lake, the Shalimar Garden, popularly known as Shalimar Bagh is located in the beautiful city of Srinagar.

The name when translated into English means “an abode of love,” and according to historians, the founder of the city of Srinagar, Pravarsena II, had built on the edge of Dal Lake, a villa, calling it “Shalimar.”

The villa gradually disappeared over the years and so did most of the surroundings near it.

Later in the year 1619, Mughal Emperor, and son of the great Akbar, constructed a garden in this site, which became popularly known by the name Shalimar Garden.

A big canal runs through the gardens and there are large lush green walkways along with a huge gateway at the entrance of the canal in this garden.

The Kashmir authorities have successfully maintained the Mughal architecture, retaining the magnificent beauty of the place that depicts the charm of Mughal imperial culture.

The garden consists of four terraces adjoined one on top of another and is decked with cascades and fountains, along with polished limestone.

The fourth terrace consists of a grand and beautiful black stone pavilion, supported by six black marble pillars. This area was used as a banquet hall to conduct various events during that era.

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