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History of Sher Shah’s Tomb

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Located in a town called Sasaram, in the Indian state of Bihar.  Sher Shah’s tomb, as the name suggests, is a tomb constructed in memory of Sher Shah Suri, a pathan from the city of Bihar who managed to defeat the Mughal Empire and led to the formation of the Suri Empire in the northern part of the country.

His tomb was built by his son, Islam Shah, in the year 1545, three months after Sher Shah Suri passed away in a gunpowder explosion in the Kalinjar Fort in May, 1545.

The tomb, which is composed of red sandstone was designed by architect Aliwal Khan and displays beautiful carvings which are a combination of Indian and Islamic architecture.

It is erected in the center of an artificial lake on a square shaped platform consisting of domes and pavilions at every corner.

The path to the tomb is connected by a wide stone bridge that leads visitors straight to the main gateway of the monument that is the grand entrance.

The structure is also regarded as the second Taj Mahal of India, thanks to its resemblance with the Shah Jahan built monument in Agra, in terms of exterior designs, shapes of the minarets and pathways.

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