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Gushing Thrills in Water Parks of India

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About Water Parks in India

The famed genius from the world of entertainment, Walt Disney must have been a firm believer in this good old adage: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Such a conviction made him a pioneer of conceptualizing and creating amusement parks that began with the Disneyland in California, USA. Although primarily meant for children, it became the most favoured destination even for the adults.

Ever since 1955 when it opened its doors for visitors, this enchanting spot now renamed Disneyland Park has witnessed billions of footfalls. The success of Disneyland did motivate numerous enterprising minds around the world to replicate similar ventures.

Irrespective of age, an amusement park is a haven for both the young and old. In India, there was no permanent amusement park until the mid-80s.

The recreational pastime was limited to the conventional Melas (fairs or carnivals) to enjoy just a few types of amusement. These were rides on the merry-go-round, toy train, giant wheel, and magic shows and stunt displays among others.

By and large, a Mela is an occasional affair held in the rural areas. A similar event in urban India is mostly termed as a fete. None of these could ever match the varied delightful moments experienced in an established amusement park.

For example, bereft of a roller-coaster ride, no adventurous thrill is experienced in a Mela. The staging of Asian Games by India in 1982 prompted the idea to create a regular amusement park in the country with several attractions like Water Park Delhi.

The credit for this goes to Appu Ghar that has become a household name today. Soon another enterprising promoter in Bombay (now Mumbai) followed suit.

Overwhelming public response inspired the creation of more amusement parks in different parts of India. Several holiday resorts too have included pastimes on the lines of such parks in their projects.

This has enhanced its occupancy ratings. The tropical climate to have encouraged an entrepreneur to set up a water park in India. The favoured choice of foreign and native tourists and holiday-makers has been an exciting splash in amusement and water parks.

Hot water springs to happen to offer relaxing amusement of its own kind to the visitors. Over the last decade and a half, promoters of these parks have evolved the concept of Theme Park with additional attractions.

Events like rain dance and multiple water slides, wave pool or lazing around in a lazy river for enchanting experience are popular among the visitors.

A couple of water parks have arrangements for stimulated rain during the off-monsoon season.

Reportedly, around two dozen amusement parks and water parks offering a variety of fun and frolic are in the offing. Once they become functional, it will be a shot in the arm for the tourism and hospitality sectors. Travel operators too are sure to gain from this development.

As for the safety and security of visiting revelers, owners of the water parks abide by specific regulations prescribed by the government and local authorities.

They have also been directed to deploy only trained staff and also conduct a periodical inspection of all the facilities.

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