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Five styles you instantly need to chalk off your fashion radar

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Fashion trends are just like moods—they change. Maybe the latter is quite frequent compared to the trends, but the bottom line is that change it quite constant when it comes to trends and styles.

But unfortunately, many are not aware of the trend changes and there are others who despite being quite aware couldn’t care less.

But we being your fashion well-wishers are going to enlist five things which make you instantly look dated and just not of the current era.

So here’s a quick insight into things you should immediately strike off your fashion radar as they make you look anything but great—

  1. Neon colors

Honestly, they were never really in style. They just became popular for the very oddity they possess and to date, the scene isn’t something different. While most fashion attires and trends are meant to grab all the attention towards you, neon colors do the same, but just for the wrong reasons! Eyeballs get darted towards you for being such a poky substance to the vision of people, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?


  1. Rounded pumps

While high heels can add so much definition to your personality, some petty errors can make the whole thing turn upside down. Yes, we are talking about rounded pumps here! The purpose of high heels is to make your legs look elongated and more toned, whereas the dated style of rounded pumps does exactly the opposite!


  1. Friendship bracelets

No, we are not judging! Friendship charms and bracelets are beautiful tokens of love and affection from and to your loved ones. Accepted. But that doesn’t mean you will sport it with every outfit that you wear, which by the way makes you look not just odd in the crowd but also in your generation. Dress your age—that’s the motto!


  1. Harem Pants

Yes, Kareena Kapoor looked uber-cute and bubbly in those comfy, loose harem pants in Jab We Met, but hey! That was more than 6 years ago. Time to move on! Ditch the harem pants off your closet, unless of course, you want to don a retro party look every day and also add extra pounds to your look and attire.


  1. Pyramid, stone studded motos

Would you like to be seen as a portable jewelry store with all the shimmers and glitters on your clothes? We hope it’s a no and we wish it’s a no! Those kinds of stuff should just not belong to the universe anymore. Na-uh!


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