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High heels that make you “His Highness”

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High heels have always been a “hand in hand” thing when it comes to women, personality and fashion. For some women, high heels are “deadly,” something that give you “bad muscle pains,” while for others, high heels are simply something they can “never leave their homes without!”

Well, that does vary from person to person, but putting everything aside, one simply cannot defy the fact that heels do create an aura within you, around you, something that can never go unnoticed by the men!

From pumps to stilettos to wedges and platform heels—the list is quite impressive, trendy and not to forget, classy. So what is it about high heels that make you stand class apart in a room full of people?

What is about them that make men mesmerized? Well, let’s find out!

Your height has very little to do with your effort. It’s more about genetics there! But “tall” doesn’t necessarily mean alluring. It is when you think tall that you are defined by your thoughts and an amazing perspective towards that.

Well, believe it or not, wearing high heels does bring out the “think tall” attitude in you, making you look not just alluring but also confident and influential.

  • It enhances your figure

Walking in high heels can look tedious and feel so too initially, but when you are used to it, there’s nothing more stylish than that. The best part? It enhances your curves, making you look all the more sexy and appealing to the people around you.

Next time you want to embrace the “voluptuous” tag—make sure that you flaunt those glittering pumps.

  • It gives you the feel of being independent

Gone are the days where women would be termed “fragile.” As the world is coming together to encourage and promote women empowerment and gender equality, high heels add to that charm by simply making you feel confident about carrying yourself, without the help of anyone else.

You walk into a room full of people sporting a gorgeous outfit with heels that are 6 inches high—and you already have the attention. But more than that, you have the gratification that yes you can carry yourself perfectly, with or without any company.   – featured image source: heelgrips

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