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Famous Monuments of India

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As an ancient country, India is actually a country of monuments. Just as the number, the variety is also diverse in every sense. All in all these monuments spell the true tones of India and bring its very essence.

There are many incomparable monuments that create an integral part of India’s historical traditions.

Famous Monuments of India:

  • the epitome of unlimited love – Taj Mahal,
  • the Axis of Islam – Qutub Minar,
  • often the pride of free India – Red Fort,
  • the Chariot temple of the Sun God – Konark,
  • the Ruins of Hampi,
  • the mighty Mughal citadel Agra Fort,
  • the glorious area caveland of Lord Shiva – Elephanta;
  • the cavern site of numerous Chaityas along with Viharas – Ajanta,  typically the grand memorial of an Emperor- Humayun’s tomb along with last but not the least, the forgotten walled city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Traveling to the mystic land of India

Whether a first time visitor to The Indian subcontinent or a frequent traveler, all these famous monuments always value a visit, because they are the talking stones of India’s genuine architectural and historical specifics.

So visit these ethnical sites of India, regarded as of outstanding value to help humanity.

With their elaborate superfluities and wonderful architecture, Indian native monuments represent one of the most exceptional facets of the multi-faceted Indian native culture.

Each Indian monument is a remarkably splendid model of unbelievable artistry, covering a sense of mystery, deception along with romance.

There is evidence the particular master craftsmanship and elegance, which brings to the forefront often the splendor of the bygone period.

Monuments are witnesses regarding India’s past; the ancient monuments of India are also typically the guardian pillars of India’s cultural heritage.

With thousands of thousands of years of Indian history, it’s blessed to have many historical and beautiful monuments spread all over India. There are lots of monuments to see in India.

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