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Enjoy and win with fantasy cricket online

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Cricket is one of the most popular and loved sports all across the globe. There are matches all year long – these differ in terms of the countries or teams playing. For example – cricket tournaments can be organized intra-country, between two countries, championship trophies involving three or more countries, leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), and the biggest ones like the various types of World Cups (T20, ODI, Test) that include most countries.

These numerous matches can be enjoyed by us not only by watching but also via active participation. How does this happen? The answer is – fantasy cricket.

Understanding the game

Cricket is a sport with several rules, techniques, factors, and players affecting every game. Seemingly unrelated aspects such as weather also play a huge role in the performance of the pitch and consequently, the players.

In the simulated world of playing cricket online, one needs to take into consideration all of these conditions. It is a game wherein we are required to create a team of 11 players who are currently involved in live matches. Points are earned based on the players’ performances in real matches.

Where can we play this game

We can be entertained by the game within the comfort of our homes with ease. Downloading the fantasy cricket app on the phone would be one of the best ways to enjoy the thrill of the game thoroughly.

A strong internet connection and knowledge about the game you want to play are all you need to excel. What is better is that online gaming is now rewarding in its actual sense. In other words, playing this game diligently with careful planning and research will also help you earn cash prizes and rewards.

How to play fantasy cricket

You don’t necessarily need to be an ardent follower of cricket to get started on the app, however, it always helps to know the rules and underlying conditions to give you an edge over the other players.

  • Download the app on your mobile phone and complete the process of registration.
  • Select the 11 best players for your team based on records, recent stats, fitness levels, scores, etc. Keep a well-balanced combination of bowlers, batsmen, and wicket-keepers.
  • Choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team – this is important as their performance can give you an added benefit of 2x or 1.5x the points respectively.
  • Meticulously read the instructions, tips, and point system available on the app to be aware of how to maximize your points.
  • Keep tabs on the scoreboard to see how well your players are doing, which eventually determines your place in the winning positions.
  • You can enter a different contest based on your preferences of the kind of game you are interested in. For example, you can enter a contest and play for a certain monetary value.

Who said online gaming cannot be rewarding? This exciting game of fantasy cricket is here to burst all the myths regarding playing online. Start playing now and benefit from it by gaining analytical, strategizing, and planning skills, knowledge on a sport, and also monetary rewards. It does not get better than this! Hurry up and play now


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