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5 last minute Halloween costumes that you can easily make at home

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The spooky festival of Halloween is almost here and it doesn’t matter if you choose trick or treat, you are going to raise the stakes of horror for sure; what matters is how awesome your Halloween costume is! On that note, here are some super awesome Halloween costumes that you can make with some easy steps at home—

Tips for Halloween Costumes

Energy Vampire

Vampires and their legend are always the talks of the town, so gear up for sporting this super easy yet super dark Energy Vampire costume, which would need easy ingredients like a black cape, plastic fangs and a lot of old chords. Are you ready to give your targets some vampy shock?

Greek God/Goddess

This is the most simple yet sophisticatedly spooky Halloween costume. All you would need is a long white bed sheet, golden sandals and some accessories to match, and BOOM! You are a brand new Greek God/ Goddess.

Bank robber

Another easy, yet super fun Halloween costume! You can design this one in no time, as the only requisites for this costume are: striped shirt, black pants, beanie, and a balaclava if you want, and voila! You are the spooky bank robber everybody fears!

Fortune teller

If you are a fan of layered clothing and have only a night before Halloween left to customize your costume, this one is the best idea! All you would need is a skirt, scarf, and beads.

Make sure that the skirt and scarves are loud in color to add the required affect, and yes, that would make you the perfect psychic fortune teller who can look into anyone’s future!

Thunder and Lightning

This is one of the easiest and coolest couple costumes for Halloween, where one can go as thunder and the other can go as lightning. The requisites are just some art paper, scissors and a torn and broken umbrella!

So which easy to make Halloween costume are you going for this year?

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