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Bhagwant Das: The Great Warrior

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Bhagwant Das, popularly known as Raja Bhagwant Das, was the ruler of Amber in Rajasthan, India. Later Amber or Amer is known as Jaipur and becomes the capital of Rajasthan.

He was the great King of Amber, who develop the state and built many forts and structures. During his reign, there was peace and harmony all over Amber. He was also a great swordsman, warrior, general, and like every other Rajput King, he was a great horse rider.

He was one of those Kings who made peace with Mughal emperor Akbar, and in return, they ruled their states peacefully and took their states to new heights.

He was reign on Amber from 1574 to 1589, during his reign Amber touch the heights of prosperity and empowerment and become the capital of his state.

About Raja Bhagwant Das

Raja Bhagwant Das was the of Raja Bharmal of Amber; he was born in the year 1527; his mother’s name was Phulvati Bai.

He was the eldest son of Raja Bharmal and succeeded him after his demise. At the age of 49 he becomes King of Amber in 1574, after become King he takes the state forward and spread prosperity in the state.

He fought many battles for Akbar and awarded many ranks and titles during his lifetime. He defeated many ferocious kings and helped in completing Emperor Akbar’s vision of rule over the whole of India.

For his services to Emperor Akbar, he was awarded the rank of Mansab in 1585 and also conferred him the title of Amir-ul-Ulma.

His reign end with his death in 1589 and after his death his son Raja Man Singh I succeeded him. Raja Man Singh, I was the son of Raja Bhagwant Das with his wife, Bhagawati Devi.


Bhagwant Das belongs to Rajput clans, and his ancestors were King of Amber for many centuries. His father’s name was Raja Bharmal also known as Bihari Mal; he was also the King of Amber, Bharmal was extended the Mogul- Kachwahas relationship even further and he was the first King who allowed her daughter to married a Mogul King.

Thus the formal relationship between Mughal and Rajputs now becomes more bonded after this marriage. Raja Bhagwant Das’s mother’s name was Phulvati Bai, and she hails from Mandore, the ethnic city, and the birthplace of Ravana’s wife.

Bhagwant Das’s younger sister named Jodha Bai was married to Mughal Emperor Akbar and change her name after that to Mariam-uz-Zamani. Bhagwant Das had six children Man Singh I, Madho Singh, Manbhawati Bai, Bajresh Singh, Anupurva Bai, Jijayi ji Bai. Man Singh, I was succeeded him as the King of Amber after his demise in 1589.


Born into a royal family, Bhagwant Das at a very early age learn the tactics of war and politics. Under his father’s reign, he develops himself as a clever and fierce King and become one when the opportunity arrived in 1574. His whole reign was more or less peaceful and prosperous.

He won battles which he fought for Mogul Emperor Akbar and defeated many ferocious kings including the King of Kashmir Yousuf Shah Chak.

When his sister married to Mogul Emperor Akbar, a new era of Rajput-Mogul friendship starts. Jodha Bai, the sister of Bhagwant Das after marriage improvises many Mughal customs and lifestyles.

She was never forced by Mughal Emperor Akbar to accept the religion of Islam, and she was free to perform her religious rites and festivals in the Palace.

Sometimes even Emperor Akbar participate in such practices. Bhagwant Das being a clever king knows the aftermath of the Rajput-Mughal friendship, and that’s why he supports his father decided to marry her sister to a Muslim King.

Later, when he was the King of Amber, he also offers her daughter Manbhawati Bai to Mugl Emperorha Jahangir, son of Emperor Akbar for marriage.

When Bhagwant Das was the general of Akbar, he fought many battles for the Emperor and helped him expand his Kingdom.

He fought the fight of Punjab, Kashmir, and Afghanistan, and once he was awarded the governor of Kabul. During his lifetime he was loyal to Mughal Emperor and never in his life he acts rebellious to Mughal Emperor. He was died on 4 December 1589 and was succeeded by his son Raja Man Singh I.


Throughout his life, he fought many battles on behalf of Mughal Emperor Akbar and was victorious in them, some of the critical battles of his life were-

  1. Battle of Punjab- The battle won by Raja Bhagwant Das, and he was accoladed for his services in Mogul court after winning this battle for Emperor Akbar.
  2. Battle of Kasmir- This was one of the critical battles in the life of Raja Bhagwant Das, the King of Kashmir Yousuf Shah Chak was very ferocious, in the battle Raja Bhagwant Das defeated him and his army run away from the battleground.
  3. Battle of Afghanistan- After winning this battle Bhagwant Das was awarded the post of Governor of Kabul. The winning of this battle stretches the territory of the Mughal Empire till Afghanistan.

There were many more battles fought and won by Raja Bhagwant Das for-Mughal the Empire. He remained loyal to the Mughal Emperor and helped the Mughal Emperor in stretching their territories forward.


Bhagwant Das had many achievements as a general, King, and father. He achieves peace and harmony for himself, his family, and his Kingdom.

The most significant progress he had was that during his reign, his Kingdom touches new heights of prosperity. Some of the other achievements of him were-

  1. Become general to Mogul Emperor Akbar forces and won many battles.
  2. Reward with a post of Mansaab rank of 5000 in 1585
  3. Bestowed the title of Amir-ul-Umra in the court of Mogul Emperor Akbar
  4. Rewarded with the post of Kabul’s governor after winning the battle of Afghanistan
  5. Become King of Amber and successfully rule the Kingdom

These were the achievements of Raja Bhagwant Das, in that era, if you were able to save your Kingdom from foreign invaders without any bloodshed was consider a success.

Such was the persona of Raja Bhagwant Das that he rule his Kingdom in peace and also maintain a healthy political and personal relationship with Mogul Emperors.

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