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Mirza Raja Maharaja Jai Singh I

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India, the earth of great kings and warriors. The country had also given to the high the people, who made us feel by their deeds. If we have a look at the old back days, we will get to know about the gems, which country had given birth.


The time when people were ready to die and work for the country and men of the country. During such golden days born, Jai Singh I. The King who served Amber and lived for it.


Mirza Raja Maharaja Jai Singh I Introduction 


Maharaja Jai Singh I, was born on 15 July 1611. The great man served as the general of the Mughal Empire and a ruler of the kingdom of Amer.


Maharaja Jai Singh was born to Raja Maha Singh and Damayanti of Udaipur. He was also Mirza Raja and ascended the throne at the age of 10, in 1621.


His career was full of apparent intelligence. Mirza Raja Jai Singh I, fought the battles with three great emperors Jehangir, Shahjahan, and Aurangzeb, and had also won those battles.




Maharaja Jai Singh I, was married to Rani Sukmati and Rajiba bai. He had five daughters and two sons, namely, Ram Singh, Rajkumari shukijawati, kunvridayamati bai, Nizam bal begum, Kunvar Chandra Singh, and Kunvar Jagat Singh. 





Maharaja Jai Singh I, when was, ten years achieved the position of Raja of Amber, and also the general of the KachwahaRajputs. He was the one who served the military for the full supremacy of not only Shah Jahan, but also the first half of Aurangzeb.


The first step towards success in the life of Jai Singh I took place during the acquisition of Shah Jahan in 1627. Jai Singh’s commander in Deccan, Khan Jahan Lodi took advantage of this sovereign and revolted with the Afghan followers.


But the Rajput prince joined and defeated the rebel, by bringing his army from the north. This valuable service of Maharaja Jai Singh helped him attain the position of commander of 4000.


Later in 1636, a campaign was organized against southern sultanates by Shah Jahan. In this campaign by Shah Jahan, Maharaja Jai Singh I, played a crucial role. This was not all; later, the same army was sent to conduct a campaign against Gond kingdoms.


Maharaja Jai Singh’s success in these endeavours brought him more laurels and, got promoted as the commander of 5000. One more district was added to his kingdom, this time it was the district of Chatsu which was located in Ajmer.


The ancestral kingdom size was expanded, when Jai Singh I, defeated the Meorobbers tribe and restrained the revolt of Raja Jagat Singh Pathania of Himachal Pradesh in 1614.


Maharaja Jai Singh has also revolted against the Marthas. He rebelled against the army of Shivaji, in the initial days of his military career with the commander of just 14,000. But he managed to win the several forts of Maharashtra and later forced Shivaji to sign the Treaty of Purandar.


Later in 1657, when Shah Jahan was ill, three brothers of Dara, prepared a plan to capture the throne. The thrones occupied by them were Shah Shuja in Bengal and Murad in Gujarat, but Aurangzeb, who was the cleverest,

 he didn’t show his intention. At this moment of crisis, Dara remembered Jai Singh and made him the commander of 6000, and sent the Rajput general with his son Sulaiman and an Afghan general Diler Khan.


The battle against Shah Shuja won, and he was darted back to Bengal in May. But till then Battle of Dharma and the Battle of Samugarh had also taken place, and Aurangzeb wins us.


On 8 June Aurangzeb captured Agra. Now the problem was Jai Singh, and his troop was at the far east, and the families were at the west, living under the mercy of Aurangzeb’s troops. So they advised Dara’s son to flee away, and Jai Singh and Diller khan submitted themselves to the new Emperor. 


Later Jai Singh also sided, Maharaja Jaswant Singh, with the help of whom Dara must have won. However, Aurangzeb won the throne but had no secure foot on the Mughals throne until he had the support of leading Muslim and Rajput generals. So, to get himself settled, Aurangzeb forgave Maharaja Jaswant Singh, not only this but he also promoted Jai Singh I, as the commander of 7000.


This was the highest rank for any general in the military. Dara was captured by the Pashtun chief in Baluchistan and Aurangzeb executed in 1659.



This was not all the Mirza Raja Maharaja Jai Singh had dedicated his whole life to these mutual Kings and had fought for them. He was the one who worked for great Mughal Emperors and brought a triumph to each.


He was the one who not only restrained Bijapur, Golconda but also could succeed in making Shivaji appear in the Mughal Court. The ideal leader was posted in Deccan during the reign of Aurangzeb as a commander of 7000.


He achieved success against Shivaji, the person against whom many generals failed. Mirza Raja Jai Singh was also stationed in Balkh, Kabul, and Khandar during the years 1638, 1641, 1647-49, 1653. 


Mirza Raja Jai Singh, the successor of Bahu Singh, died on 28 August 1667, at the age of 56 years in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. He was succeeded by his son Ram Singh I.


The great leader and successor who worked as a dedicated leader. The leader who worked in the group of the Mughal Army that consisted of Afghans, Mughals and the Rajputs. 


The gem was not only himself dedicated and served the countrymen, but later both of his sons did the same and served the Mughals. One became his successor, and the other worked in the Mughal Court.


Mirza Raja Jai Singh I, was the Rajput who served the Mughals and won many battles for them. He was the one who served Amber for his whole life.


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