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The Western Chalukyas

About Western Chalukya Empire The Western Chalukya Empire governed the majority of the western Deccan, South India, between the tenth and twelfth hundreds of years. This Kannadiga line is…

The Maratha Empire

The Maratha kingdom was established and merged by Chatrapati Shivaji, a Maratha blue-blood of the Bhonsle family who was determined to establish Hindavi Swarajya.

The Kushan Empire

The Kushan Empire was a syncretic Empire shaped by Yuezhi in the Greco-Bactrian domains of the mid first century. It spread to envelop a lot of Afghanistan, today's Peshawar

The Gupta Dynasty

Gupta Dynasty - By the fourth century A.D., political and military turmoil obliterated the Kushan domain in the north and numerous kingdoms in south India.

The Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate was the central Muslim sultanate in north India from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century. The force of the Delhi sultanate in north India was broken by the intrusion…

The Chola Dynasty

The Chola tradition (additionally called Choda and Cholan) was an old Tamil administration, one of the three Tamil lines and one of the longest-governing lines ever

The Mahajanpadas

Mahajanpadas - The sixth century BC is much of the time seen as a vital occasion in right on time Indian history. The Life of Gautam Budhha was for the most part connected with these four…

Empire of Harsha

Harsha Vardhana (c. 590–647), normally called Harsha, was an Indian emperor who ruled northern India from 606 to 647 from his capital Kannauj