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The Great Rathore that preserved the rule of Rathore Dynasty

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India has always been the earth of diets, and Hindu Dharma is the one that witnessed a large number of saints on its surfaces. These saints and gurus showed the path of self-realization and spirituality.

In case the situation worsened, or crisis took place, they even strived to protect their country. They even traveled miles just to spread the knowledge that is required to attain spirituality.

Lakhs of people all over the world have benefited from this knowledge. In today’s world, the scenario is entirely different, and the people no longer rely on the knowledge of Saints. For today’s generation, heroes are the cricketers, models, etc. To add something to your knowledge, we have for you the history of the great warrior Durgadas Rathore.

The person who saved Mewar from the clinches of Aurangzeb preserved the rule of the Rathore dynasty in Mewar.

About Durgadas Rathore

Durgadas Rathore was suryavanshi Rathore Rajput, born on 13 August 1638. He was born to Askaran Rathore, and his wife lived away in a village, where Durgadas grew up.

Father of the Durgadas worked for Maharaja Jaswant Singh, as Rajput General in the army.


Later Durgadas was also admitted into the army after the incident of the camel herd. In which the brave Rathore killed the camel herd.

When Maharaja Jaswant Singh asked for an explanation, the brave Durgadas, said that he was spoiling the royal name of Maharaja, by destroying the field. On hearing this, Maharaja got impressed with Durgadas and appointed him in the army.

This was just a small incident that showed the dedication and loyalty that Rathore had in his nature. Other than this, he always proved his loyalty towards Maharaja Jaswant Singh and completed his responsibilities with full dedication.

After joining the army of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, he worked for him. After the death of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, the ruler of Marwar in 1679, Aurangzeb intervened and appointed a Muslim to rule the Rathore clan.

The reason behind it was that Maharaja didn’t leave any immediate heirs behind though his two wives were pregnant during that period.

But the appointment of the Muslim ruler by the Mughal emperor was a great deal for the Clan. One of the wives of Jaswant Singh gave birth to a male child, who was named Ajit Singh.

Since the dynasty had now it’s the official heir, everyone wanted that all the positions of Maharaja Jaswant Singh should be given to his Ajit Singh.

To get Ajit Singh’s right, Durgadas, with his 300 men and infant Ajit Singh went to Aurangzeb to ask for the same. Instead of rejecting it, Aurangzeb suggested they keep Ajit Singh in Delhi with him, which was not accepted by the Rathore Clan. So now Durgadas and his men planned to smuggle Ajit Singh safely out of Delhi.

In the process of saving Ajit Singh, all the men of Durgadas died to accept seven men. After reaching Balunda safely, Maharaja Ajit Singh was kept there for one year, and later, he was shifted safely to Aravali hills near Abu Sirohi in a small town. Maharaja Ajit Singh left his life in obscurity for years in this village.

During these 20 years, Marwar remained under the rule of Mughals. All these years, Durgadas struggled against occupying forces and trade routes. Durgadas took full benefit of the disturbances prevailing in the dynasty and the death of Aurangzeb in 1707.

After the death of Aurangzeb, Durgadas brought Maharaja Ajit Singh back and evicted the Mughal forces. Maharaja Ajit Singh was crowned as the emperor of Jodhpur. He built back all the temples which were destroyed under the Mughal rule.

His Character

The character of Durgadas Rathore can be seen when Akbar, after rebelling against his father Aurangzeb, took the help of Durgadas and died in exile.

But left behind his children, with Durgadas took to take care of them. But Aurangzeb as an anxious grandfather requested Rathore to send back, and Durgadas agreed to it.

After coming to live with Aurangzeb, he appointed a Qazi to teach his grandchildren, but he was shocked to hear Ayats from the mouth of his granddaughter, who informed Aurangzeb that she learned it when living with Durgadas Rathore. Such great was Durgadas Rathore.

Death of Durgadas Rathore

Durgadas Rathore, the veer and the person who single-handedly worked for the Marwar preserved the Rathore dynasty’s rule.

He kept all the promises and served the dynasty successfully, left Jodhpur and in different places like Sadri, Udaipur, Rampura, and Bhanpura for a particular period. Later, he left for Mahakaal at Ujjain to worship and died on 22 November 1718, at the age of 81 years.


The government recognized the great warrior and dedicated him to many things as a mark of achievement.

  • On 25 August 2003, to honor Veer Durgadas, India’s government released various coins.
  • On 16 August 1988, stamps of Rs. 0.60 were released to commemorate Durgadas Rathore.
  • In October 2017, a play was organized in Jodhpur, which characterized the life of Durgadas Rathore.
  • The famous red stone canopy of Durgadas Rathore is still at Chakrathirth, Ujjain. This is the place of pilgrimage to all the Rajputs.

It is well said that earth is the land of warriors, and the Hindu land has always produced gems for the country.

The ones who are and will be the source of inspiration for the whole nation. Durgadas was one such example, the born fighter, the one who loved his country and people.

He was born to serve the country with utmost devotion. Veer Durgadas Rathore is the best example of loyalty, chivalry, and courage for the generations.

The one who managed his duty as well as humanity together. This is clearly in his way he taught the granddaughter of Aurangzeb.

Salute to such a great personality who has lived on our land and had increased the dignity of our motherland with his sacrifice.

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