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About Meithei (Manipuri) Language

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Meithei Language

Also known by the name of Manipuri, Meithei is one of the predominant languages of India, treated as the official language of the southeastern Himalayan state of Manipur in India.

The language is also spoken by many people residing in the northeastern states of Assam as well as Tripura. Other than that, some people spread over parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar too speak Meithei.

Unfortunately, as on today, Meithei suffers the status of being a vulnerable language; that has been deemed to it by UNESCO; as it is one of the endangered languages in the world.

Technically, Meithei has lexical similarities with Tangkhul Naga and Kuki, and is fundamentally a Sino-Tibetan language. Although initially there were many dialects of Meithei, the differences have only diminished with time and now all the demarcations in dialects that exist between countries of India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar are all related to speech differences.

Primarily, Meithei was written using its very own individual Meithei script, but it was later replaced with Bengali script and for a long time the same went on. However, recently, the Bengali script is getting replaced with Meithei script once again, thanks to local organizations that have tried to spread awareness of the individuality of Meithei language as well as script.

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